Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Next up, plagues of locusts!

I was on the Star 99.5 with Terry Norvelle today for the first time since I left the Gainesville airwaves. It was good to be back, and I hope to be much more involved with the station this fall. Stay tuned.

Today is July 1. Tampa Bay has the best record in Major League Baseball. I'm not sure which sign of the Apocalypse this is, but I'm starting to become concerned. When you really look at their young talent, this is not a total fluke either. The pitching is there, and David Price may eliminate the need for a trade to bolster them for a postseason run. Can you imagine what Hank Steinbrenner will do if the Rays beat the Yankees for a playoff spot?

The claim that Alex Rodriguez is making late night visits to Madonna probably won't help Steinbrenner's mood much. I don't buy that there's anything really going on here, particularly since baseball players tend to be pretty busy at night. US breathlessly reports he's been leaving her place "as late as midnight!" He'd barely be back into Manhattan from the Bronx by midnight. Beyond that, if you're A-Rod, what is the appeal of a 49 year old Madonna supposed to be?

Another embarassing off field episode for Georgia football, as three players are arrested. The Bulldogs are lucky they don't have any difficult games the first two weeks, but at some point you have to wonder about the mindset of UGA players. They wouldn't be the first team to respond poorly to an entire offseason of being told how wonderful they were. Arkansas fails to keep up, able to only muster one arrest for the weekend.

Apparently in this years NCAA 09 video game, Florida has dropped to third in home field advantage ranking for the first time ever. Who passed the Gators on the list? LSU is now second, which is inccurate but at least debatable, and Penn State went to number one. Having been to Happy Valley for a big game that they won, I can say with total confidence that that is ridiculous. The crowd is large, but it's far from intimidating. A PSU alum must have been involved in this, because of the venues I've been to they wouldn't make my top ten for fan impact.

Are you wondering if you have too much money? If you want to buy this for 28 dollars, the answer is yes.

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