Monday, July 7, 2008

Lyle Lovett was married to Julia Roberts - still hard to believe

Hope you had a good fourth of July weekend. Mine was partially spent in Atlanta for the Tom Waits concert Saturday night. It was a fascinating show from a guy who rarely plays live anymore but still kills when he does - 2 hours and 25 minutes worth. He played one of my favorites, On the Nickel, which was a cool surprise since that's not one of his better known songs. Waits has only played about 25 concerts in the US this decade. I'm lucky I got to see one of them. Wish I could have stuck around Sunday night to see Lyle Lovett, but it's time to get back to work.

Before heading back to Columbia Sunday I stopped by Dantanna's for lunch, walking in with it 6-5 in the fourth set between Federer and Nadal. I'm no fanatical tennis fan, but the tiebreaker and fifth set were as good as anything we've seen from the men's side of pro tennis in years. When the crowd at a restaurant in Atlanta is roaring with back and forth cheers for over a half hour during a tennis match between a Swiss guy and a Spanish guy, you can bet it was pretty special. If you missed it, hopefully they'll squeeze it in between poker and bowling reruns on the sad shell of what once was a great channel, ESPN Classic.

The Rays continue to have the best record in MLB and are five games up on the Red Sox and nine ahead of the Yankees. They're clearly the story of the season so far, even if they don't know Madonna personally. So of course they got two whole All-Stars and no starters. I get the distinct feeling baseball's front office types are hoping this is all some terrible dream they're having and that soon order will be restored. Meanwhile, Milwaukee's going for it this year with a deal for C.C. Sabathia that sends Matt LaPorta to Cleveland. Maybe he can add some punch to the woeful Indians lineup. How's a Brewers-Rays World Series grab you, Fox? Would Joe Buck even show up if a new season of Tila Tequila's show was available to watch instead?

Bad news if, like me, you were planning on having a big NFL supplemental draft party. This year's draft has been cancelled since no one bothered to apply. Once upon a time, Brian Bosworth was the big prize in the supplemental draft. After getting run over by Bo Jackson on Monday Night Football, the Boz's rep took a tumble. This weekend, he did something to boost it back up.

Texas spent three million dollars on a steroids testing program in high school sports. Total number of students caught using: two. That seems like a questionable use of resources, but we're seeing this idea spread to other states. People want to feel like they're doing something about a potential problem, but this is not the right answer.

Someone is putting together a TV movie about the death of Tim Russert. Randy Quaid will play Russert. Cousin Eddie, Tim Russert.... yeah, the same guy's perfect for both roles. As much respect as I have for Russert's work, I wonder what he would think of the ridiculous overreaction that has followed his death.


Jeremiah said...

If the World Series doesn't involve the Yankees, Red Sox, or his beloved Cardinals, Joe Buck probably won't bother to show up. What's really sad about this guy, besides the stuff you mentioned in your previous blog, is that he's been whining about covering baseball for years. I remember a column he wrote in the Sporting News a few years ago, presumably before he wanted to be the next Carson Daly, whee he whined about how the Saturday Game of the Week isn't the same as it was back in the day when Vin Scully was doing play-by-play and all games weren't televised on the local Fox Sports affiliates and blah, blah, blah. Anyway, he actually wrote about how it was his responsibility to be the heir apparent to Scully and his father and make the broadcast as special as possible, or words to that effect. Ummm...I guess making sure you watch a bunch of superficial jerks get a TV date with some floosy on a reality show marketed and made for women qualifies as being responsible for making a quality broadcast. Do us all a favor, Buck, and get that late night show you want on Versus (because obviously nobody else wants it, name Screamin' A your sidekick, and stay away from our sports broadcasts where you tell us when we should or shouldn't be morally outraged. To steal Barkley's joke, I bet Vin Scully is rolling over in his grave.

Great trade for the Brewers and for LaPorta, who can now play first base (I assume) and get into the big leagues right away and make a name for himself on the Indians. Hitting between a healthy Hafner and Victor Martinez next year will give LaPorta a chance to make an immediate impact in 09 for the Tribe. I love the trade for the Brewers because the National League is just awful outside of the Cubs, and I think they're right on for thinking this year is their best shot.

Jackson said...

Heath, Glad you're doing well. I really enjoy your blog and have been reading since day 1. Please keep it going. Thanks!