Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Knicks will sign Frederic Weis next

The New York Knicks continue to look to trade David Lee. You're a new management team looking to build credibility with New York fans. You've already drafted an Italian guy none of them had ever heard of. What next? Trading your most popular player for a below average point guard seems like a great idea! Supposedly, Mike D'Antoni didn't like Lee coming out of UF because he didn't think he was a good enough shooter. Now he and Donnie Walsh may swap him for a mediocrity like Raymond Felton of Charlotte. Brilliant!

FSU now knows the NCAA hearing date for their academic scandal will be October 18. That's right in the middle of the season, but since players don't have to testify I doubt it will affect them much. Meanwhile, if you want to buy an FSU 1999 national championship ring, it's priced to move at just $3,899.99 on EBay. I always wondered who would buy a ring like that. Do they wear it and try and pretend they were a player? If someone saw your "championship ring", how much fun would it be to say, "Yeah, one of our guys was down on his luck so I picked it up for a few bills - pretty sweet, huh?"

After I made fun of Arkansas yesterday for not keeping up with Georgia in arrests this week, the Razorbacks have rallied. When it comes to road rage attacks on a car, Jack Nicholson could have told him you go with the two iron rather than your hand.

Things really have gotten bad with the economy if the Kentucky Basketball Museum in Lexington has gone out of business. What's next, Starbucks closing down? Oh.

Sex and the City made a bunch of money, so now we may be subjected to the hype buildup for a Friends movie. Exactly what unresolved plot points needed to be dealt with here? I guess with Joey having worked out so well, they just wanted to ride the momentum.

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