Thursday, July 3, 2008

Gruden loves those character guys

Pro Football Talk breaks the news on two players who got into a fistfight at the NFL's rookie symposium. It was two Tampa Bay draft picks, both of whom have had multiple character issues in the past including numerous failed drug tests. Those of you who've wondered why I can't stand having Jon Gruden as coach of my favorite team, picking a loser like Agib Talib in the first round personifies the problem perfectly.

In the most predictable story of the 2008 sports year, Brett Favre is supposedly rethinking his decision to retire. Everyone could see it coming. Sure, his decision to return would screw the team's salary cap planning. Yes, his decision caused them to make personnel decisions based on the idea they were working with a young quarterback. Come to think about it, even the mention of a Favre Packers comeback is totally unfair to Aaron Rodgers. But hey, who cares, right? It's a possible return of the ultimate "team" guy, Brett Favre! For what its worth, I think if he forces the Packers hand they will tell him no. They should.

One of my least favorite national sports announcers is Joe Buck of Fox. He's always struck me as far too smug for his own good. His hysterical, over the top reaction to Randy Moss's simulated mooning of Packers fans (only a piece of which is in that video) was the last straw for me. Now Buck, who's been trying to lobby for his own late night comedy show the last couple of years, has decided to share that he rarely watches televised baseball or football games, finds them boring and prefers to watch the Bachelorette. When you have a great salaried job which 99.9 percent of the world envies, the least you can do is act like you appreciate it.Too much to ask from Buck, I guess.

Tennessee follows through on their ridiculous raise for Fulmer as a way to make sure he's getting more money than Bruce Pearl. You'll note in that article that Fulmer's buyout isn't mentioned. That's because no one wants to hire Fulmer away from UT, which is why this is so spectacularly wasteful.

The World Series of Poker is underway at the Rio in Las Vegas. I actually went by to get a look at the scene last year since I was already out there. It was worth a quick glimpse, but I have no idea why people would opt to be spectators there for longer than five minutes. At no point did it occur to me to ask what the event would be like as a musical.

This is the worst movie summer ever, with Hancock drawing mixed reviews at best. Eddie Murphy will appear soon in another horrible picture, Meet Dave, but says he's going to retire from movies to go back to standup. I fear this "retirement" means as much as Favre's did, but hope it's true. Murphy was great when he was a comedian. His supposedly comedic movies have been horrid for the last fifteen years or so, with the exception of his voicework in the Shrek series.

Speaking of music, Saturday I will be going to see Tom Waits in concert. He's one of the truly unique American musical talents and rarely plays live anymore, so this should be a really special show. Have a great fourth of July weekend - see you back here Monday.

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Next time you are in NYC, check out the restaurant Zereoue. It's got traditional Ivory Coast dishes with the unmistakable added spice of Amos Zereoue.