Thursday, July 24, 2008

SEC Media Days meets the X-Games

The SEC Media Days continue today, with big names like Mark Richt and Nick Saban in the house. While Tim Tebow's appearance was a big deal Wednesday, the other sports celebrity drawing followers was skating legend Tony Hawk. The Wynfrey seems to be the hotel of choice for tours coming through Birmingham, and Wednesday night Hawk's "Boom Boom Huckjam" was in town. I was hoping he might bust out a board and try a 720 on Radio Row, but no such luck. Skating nuts and Tim Tebow worshipping fans crammed into one lobby looking for autographs made for an interesting visual spectacle - I've got to figure out how to start posting photos on this thing.

The US Army received a lot of attention around the time of the NFL Draft for its decision to allow Caleb Campbell to pursue a professional football career despite being a West Point graduate. The Detroit Lions and Campbell had been told Army policy would allow him to play if he was able to make the team and reacted accordingly. Now, on the eve of training camp, the Army has decided to say never mind. This is ridiculous - you either have a policy, or you don't. It's completely unfair to both the team and Campbell to pull this stunt now after he's spent months getting ready to play and agreed on contract terms. Give him credit for the way he's handling it, but it's a bush league move.

That thumping sound you hear is Al Horford banging his head against the wall, as the Atlanta Hawks manage to lose Josh Childress in free agency. Not to another team, mind you, but to Greece. For a franchise that had positive momentum for the first time in over a decade, this is an absolute disaster. The fact they screwed around enough in the negotiations to allow it to happen is inexcusable.

I thought the point of broadcasting the Olympics was to give you a feel for the mood during the event in the country where the Games are taking place. Apparently not, since NBC will have its announcers for ten sports sitting in studios in New York rather than China. I wasn't planning on watching the Olympics much already, and this just reduces my interest further.

Day two of SEC media days today, featuring Nick Saban being followed around everywhere, including into the restroom, by hundreds of Bama maniacs. Throw in Mark Richt, Phil Fulmer and Houston Nutt and it should be an interesting day.

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