Monday, July 21, 2008

Time to get back to work

Thanks for checking in on the blog again. I had hoped to post at least once or twice over the past ten days, but once I found out internet access at my hotel in Hawaii was 65 cents per minute I decided it might just be the better choice to wait. To chronicle my wedding and subsequent honeymoon would take quite a bit of time and I doubt the majority of you reading this care much about it, so I won't. I do want to pass along a few observations before getting back to my typical style of blog posting tomorrow.

1. It rained on the day of my wedding, beginning almost instantly once we started to take pictures. As soon as it started, three or four people told me this is supposed to be good luck (as Alanis so annoyingly sang about). When you are wearing a tux and taking around 400 pictures outdoors in Florida in July once the storm ends, the idea that rain is lucky is a load of crap.

2. We stayed on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. The natural beauty of the state is staggering. It's mystifying why they allow the part man has control over - the buildings - to look so terrible. There are some impressive skyscrapers and the resorts are well maintained, but lots of structures in prominent places look amazingly dingy. The University of Hawaii's campus has some buildings that look like they should be condemned.

3. The biggest local story on the Honolulu TV news all week was about a whale carcass that had washed up in Kahuku. The thing was enormous, smelled awful and the government couldn't figure out what to do about it for multiple weeks. When they finally did, they buried most of the whale and then tried to transport its bones across town to Hawaii Pacific University Thursday. The bones fell off the truck into the middle of a major intersection. I am 35, and there are not many things about the future I can say with absolute certainty. One I can is that I will not be in a traffic delay caused by two tons of putrid whale ever again.

4. For some reason I can't insert links as part of this post on the computer I'm using to type this, so I can't give you a photo of KITV sports anchor Robert Kekaula. While sitting next to traditionally dressed TV anchors, he grunts his way through the sports in a Hawaiian shirt - it's a remarkable spectacle. In researching to learn more about Kekaula, I found out he's the Hawaii radio network color guy and has also put out three music albums. Maybe I'll see if he's got a spare CD I can buy when the Warriors visit the Swamp next month.

5. The Las Vegas Hilton Superbook, which I stopped by on my way back from Hawaii, has regular season win total lines available for 30 college teams. The Gators are at ten, meaning for you to win your bet they would have to only lose once, and if they lose twice you would get your bet back. A few that surprised me: Illinois is at 7, which seems at least a game too low. Clemson is at 9.5, which seems high considering Tommy Bowden has never won ten in the regular season there and only reached nine twice. West Virginia at 9.5 seems silly considering their massive coaching changeover as well as games with Auburn and Colorado on the road out of conference. Other state numbers: USF - 9, FSU - 8, Miami - 7.5

I'm off to ACC football media days today and then on to the SEC's gathering in Birmingham after that. I'll be picking up my newly improved laptop at my office before then, so I can get back to the usual content routine Tuesday. See you then.

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