Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Maybe Howard Stern can buy the Jaguars

A comment on a post below asked me if there's any possibility of me returning to my old 11A-1P slot at the Star 99.5 in the near future. I will definitely be hosting the Gator Nation Tailgate Show for them again at Emerson Alumni Hall before a majority of UF home games this season, and likely involved with the daily show in some fashion as well. It can't be as the lead host, though. A change is coming to that slot soon, but I wouldn't be available for the remotes and promotions that a station needs to be doing during fall since I'm in Columbia most days. If all it took was being connected via phone and talking for two hours, I'd be glad to.

West Virginia's Pat White is a possible Heisman candidate, but that's not why I suspect you'll be hearing about him quite a bit very soon. At the Big East's media day, White told reporters that despite being given permission by coach Bill Stewart he didn't play for the Mountaineer baseball team. His reason: because the WVU coach doesn't seem to want black players. The lack of black athletes in college baseball has been an issue in recent years, but what appears to be the insinuation by a prominent player of a coach being a racist will be a big talk topic the next couple of days.

Earlier this week, two Virginia linemen were arrested for stealing beer from the cooler at a nightclub. Not good, but no big deal, right? Unfortunately for the two Cavaliers, the club in question was Club 216, which bills itself as "Charlottesville's only gay and lesbian bar and nightclub". Uh oh. It's going to be a long season for these guys, even if Spencer Hall from EDSBS provides them an alibi/explanation here. Just to be clear, I'm fine with whatever lifestyle anyone chooses, but guys in the locker room, opposing fans, and likely some UVA fans won't necessarily see it that way.

Rush Limbaugh has put the possibility out there that he might look to buy the St. Louis Rams. What a bunch of BS this is. Rush makes great money, and if he wanted to buy a small piece of a team he certainly should be capable of doing so. There's not a chance he gets through the background check it takes to become principal owner of an NFL team. It's a more exclusive club than the Senate, and (unless you're Ted Stevens) pays a lot better too. Limbaugh's legal record may not reflect the prescription pills scandal anymore, but the NFL's quite aware of it. Talk to former San Francisco 49ers owner Eddie DeBartolo, who got caught up in a Louisiana bribery scandal, to see what the NFL thinks of owners who wind up involved with the legal system. The key word is "former". Couple that with Limbaugh's infamous remarks about Donovan McNabb during his brief run as an ESPN commentator and the NFL would welcome his ownership bid as much as they would a sales pitch for Bennigan's stock.

U2's new album No Line On the Horizon will apparently be out November 14. Hopefully they'll tour again once it's out. I've gotten to see some great bands live, but this is one I still have to check out in person. Think Bono will break out some of his dance moves from this video for one of my favorites of theirs, "I Will Follow"?


Jeremiah said...

Glad to hear that you're be back in some capacity on 99.5. I gave Norvelle a shot, and I just wasn't down with his show, so I welcome a change.

What? No mention of Favre?? That guys gets no attention in the national media, so I'm stunned you didn't mention him in your latest blog. You didn't think it was breaking news that he officially signed his reinstatement papers and submitted them to the NFL? Barack Obama's world tour thinks Favre's story is getting old.

I know you didn't mention it in your blog, but the Angels getting Texeira from the Braves is a joke. The best team in MLB just got a lot better. I have no idea how you can beat those guys in a seven-game series now. Hopefully, the Rays won't overreact and make a silly countermove because of that trade, the Yankees' trade, and their struggling offense. Just get some bullpen help, wait on Baldelli and Price, and the Rays will be fine. A playoff berth of any kind this year makes this year a HUGE success, and you figure they'll only be better next year while the Sox and Yanks get one year older.

gatorgatorgator1 said...

I agree..definitely glad to hear you'll be having some input @ 99.5 during football season. Hopefully a fulltime move back to Gainesville isn't completely out the question sometime in the future though..:)