Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The latest Kid Rock song is terrible too, by the way

As a music fan, my worst nightmare is the song that becomes inescapable because every radio station is playing it no matter what their format is. Remember that Kid Rock/Sheryl Crow tune? It was sort of country, so they played it. It was sort of a rock ballad, so those stations had it too. It was Sheryl Crow, who the "Lite" and "Mix" type adult contemporary stations are required to play every ninety minutes under federal law. Kid Rock's name was enough to even get it on some urban formats. It was popular, so all the top twenty focused "we play the hits" stations pounded it into the ground some more. It was the musical equivalent of kudzu - completely undesirable, but all over everything in its path. Last night I realized we now have the sports version of a kudzu song thanks to the "A-Rod gets divorced because of Madonna" story. It hits every possible medium - gossip and entertainment shows because she's a star, sports programming because of him, it's a New York news story so the media will treat it like the biggest thing ever, and since it involves a divorce there will be lots of leaks to the media by both sides and it will stay in the news for months. It's just thrilling to know that as we get closer to an incredibly important election, I will be able to count on hearing about A-Rod's sex life and interest in Kabbalah night after night.

Bad news for FSU, as starting left guard Evan Bellamy is reportedly done for the year with a blood clot. This was rumored last week, but a prominent FSU site is claiming this story isn't totally accurate. At minimum FSU will be without Bellamy for fall drills and a good chunk of the year. The offensive line nightmare continues in Tallahassee. Think the Pounceys would have helped them out a little bit?

Ozzie Guillen's an interesting guy - anyone who Jay Mariotti hates so much can't be too bad, but Guillen has also said and done some foolish things. Guillen makes his email public, so you can write him at OzzieGuillen13@hotmail.com if you want. A Chicago Tribune columnist decided to pose as a rude fan as an experiment to see how Guillen would respond. Maybe Mariotti could try that since he's scared to go in the White Sox clubhouse.

Michael Vick has filed for bankruptcy. It's hard to believe someone could blow it this bad, but at least he has a good reason why he went broke. One of the most underreported stories in sports is how many guys wind up a wreck financially before their playing days are even done. As for Vick's potential return to the league next year, Gruden is probably trying to get ahold of his agent right now.

Sacha Baron Cohen continues to work on his Borat followup, which will feature his gay Austrian fashionista character Bruno. While Arkansas cage fighting fans were the victim this time, my favorite Bruno moment to this point is his visit to Tuscaloosa. Think Shaud Williams will go to see the new film?

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