Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Bucs better have had an impressive 7th round pick

If anyone needed a reminder of how quickly player fortunes can turn in the NFL, Pro Football Weekly provides it in reference to Jarvis Moss. According to PFW, Moss was being offered around during last weekend's draft for a seventh round pick but the Broncos found no takers. This is a defensive end Denver liked enough to make the fifteenth pick in the 2007 draft, and no one gave up a seventh rounder?! Moss apparently isn't in the plans of the new Broncos regime, which means he must not have been the kind of DE Josh McDaniels was thinking of when he invented the game of football. As hard up as teams are for pass rushers, someone will give Moss another shot but it's still remarkable to think he could be cut loose just two seasons into his career.

The college basketball recruiting scene went wild yesterday with the word ultra talented point guard John Wall had been arrested for breaking and entering. Wall is looking at UF as well as Kentucky, Duke and a whole bunch of other top programs. I can't imagine any of them will back away from him since this was a non violent offense and is a misdemeanor. It still raises questions about the kid's decision making. How hard is it to stay out of any house you aren't either living in or invited to enter? Maybe Wall's one and done season at the program he chooses will be worth the hassle of recruiting him, but based on O.J. Mayo's USC stay I'm far from sure of that.

The Tennessee football exodus hits double digits, with highly touted wide receiver Ahmad Paige the latest to say so long. He was a kid UF and USC were in on two years ago, and his commitment was supposed to be a huge pickup for the Vols. Paige told a Monroe TV station during his recruitment that a coach had offered him a car, although he never said who it was. His transfer recruiters shouldn't even offer Paige a Hot Wheels car based on what he accomplished in two years in Knoxville. Lane Kiffin and company will have plenty of room for new players, but they might want to start holding onto a few of the old ones at some point. Alabama's Julio Jones, who as a freshman last year was the kind of player Paige was supposed to be, had his third surgery of the offseason last week. Jones will supposedly be ready for fall, but that's a lot of work to have done after just one season of college ball.

Being an unremarkable blend of European ancestry, I have no ethnic holidays for anyone to make a party out of. Today is Cinco de Mayo, the Mexican holiday which has somehow evolved into the May version of "let's all engage in ethnic stereotyping and get hammered!" that St. Patrick's Day has been for quite a while. For some perspective on the holiday, the Los Angeles Times consulted Gustavo Arellano, author of the always interesting Ask A Mexican! syndicated column.

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