Thursday, May 14, 2009

Who knew the ACC was run by former AIG executives?

I have no idea why Andrea Adelson of the Orlando Sentinel came out with another article yesterday about Urban Meyer's nearly three week old remarks about former players who criticize the program as media members. I guess she was excited to have talked with noted Florida hater, proven chronic liar and altogether embarassing sports radio host Dan Sileo. I would have suggested trying other Gators turned radio hosts working in the Gainesville market to get their thoughts, but that's just me. For some reason though, this version of the story got huge exposure nationally, including the lead spot on ESPN's College Football Live. It shouldn't have, since it misrepresents the situation while also being ancient "news" at this point. Adelson makes it seem as if any and all issues between Meyer and Shane stem from his post Ole Miss remarks. There's been plenty of other friction there. Matthews was highly critical of Meyer's offense from the time it got to UF, as his repeated "the spread sucks" comments should have made clear to anyone. Shane also was not buddy buddy with Dan Mullen over how to coach QBs. He has a right to both those opinions, and Meyer has a right not to welcome Shane around the program with open arms if he feels doing so will be a detriment to what he wants to accomplish. It was a bad decision by Meyer to comment publically on this when he did so IN APRIL. That doesn't remotely justify how absurdly it was overblown yesterday by ESPN just because Adelson felt like writing a followup piece.

ESPN reports Robert Marve is considering walking on at Tennessee rather than go to Purdue on a scholarship. The former Miami quarterback would have to sit out this year and pay his own way (which his family should be able to afford since his father was an NFL linebacker) before having two years of eligibility beginning in 2010. If you're Florida, I think Marve in Knoxville would be great news for you. Marve's presence would eliminate UT's current best sales pitch to young QBs - come here and you could play right away. It also presumably would end Tennessee's pursuit of former Gator QB and laptop afficianado Cameron Newton. I don't think Newton scares UF, but they'd rather not have him on the sideline helping a division rival. If the transfer happens, Lane Kiffin's future will ride on whether or not Marve (who will have played just one season of football in three years, splitting time as he did so) can effectively execute his offense. Since I don't think Marve's very good, I don't believe he'll be able to do that.

The ACC is deeply concerned about the rising costs of college athletics. They've just wrapped up their three days of spring meetings and plan to take action to reduce spending. For example, they're discontinuing print versions of the ACC media guides - from now on, it'll be on a memory stick instead. Virginia Tech's going to have their players take the bus rather than fly to some games. The place where the ACC was doing all this wringing of hands about costs, by the way? That would be the Amelia Island Ritz-Carlton Hotel. According to their website, the cheapest currently available room for this evening is 329 dollars, but individual non-suite or club level rooms have price levels as high as 449. Gosh, I sure hope that cost cutting thing works out for them.

The folks at Maxim have come out with the latest version of their Hot 100, the supposed one hundred most beautiful women in the world. I would have bet large amounts of money that I would have at least have some idea what number one looked like. I would have lost that bet, as they selected Olivia Wilde from the show House. Since I dont watch House, I had barely even heard of her. After viewing some pictures, this may be the biggest reach since Ron Zook was given the UF job. I shouldn't be too surprised though. A list that asks me to believe Britney Spears is more attractive than Marisa Miller is not a good list. I've noticed that the number of pages in Maxim have shrunk bigtime over the past year - choices like this won't reverse that trend.

Someone should make sure the ACC knows that when you cut costs, you have to be careful in what areas you choose to do so. Otherwise you could wind up like a Pennsylvania school that's being criticized for their prom keepsake item this year. Instead of a picture frame, the high school kids all got shot glasses. While those will likely prove useful for the kids at college, some might say there's a mixed message there.

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