Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I can see Brett Favre's house from here

Good morning from the Gulfport Mississippi Airport. I'm about to fly home after covering day one of the SEC Spring meetings in Destin, FL. It was a fascinating day - like SEC media days in July to the power of ten. I've been up all night editing audio and writing for, but I did want to get something fresh posted on the site today. The unquestioned highlight moment was when Steve Spurrier confronted Lane Kiffin about his comment earlier in the day that he was still waiting for an apology from him for publically asking if he had called a recruit prior to taking his NCAA test (the call was made two days before Kiffin was announced as Tennessee's head coach). Only a few of us were there to see it, and tragically there is not video. What's funny is that Spurrier had been avoiding the media all day. I convinced him to stop before getting on the elevator and then Kiffin had the bad fortune to walk up about 90 seconds later just as someone asked Spurrier about the remark. Kiffin appeared absolutely terrified - and justifiably so. That's not a battle of wits he's going to win. More on the meetings tomorrow.

By now Nick Calathes going pro in Greece is old news, but as you know if you've been reading it's what I expected to happen. It's an interesting choice to do it before the draft though. Calathes will make more money in Europe, but now runs the risk of having a Christian Drejer career. Drejer scored a big payday to turn pro but never did make it back across the Atlantic to play in the NBA. His European career proved to be a major disappointment - we'll see how Calathes, who isn't from Europe and has less natural ability than Drejer did, does. Billy Donovan said yesterday that Florida is still recruiting a point guard. Apparently there's a talented kid who qualified late out of a Philadelphia prep school that they've been asking about. If they can land someone with skills, I'm not sure UF will miss Calathes nearly as much as people might think.

Percy Harvin spoke with the St. Paul Pioneer-Press for a profile story. One part of it in particular jumped out at me. When asked who he would be if he could be someone else for a day, Harvin selected Tim Tebow. That in and of itself isn't so shocking, but this passage...

"We saw all kind of actors and news reporters just kind of blatantly say, "Tebow, I want you." And he turned them down."

News reporters? Really? No one I covered UF with did that, which means Harvin's got to be talking about someone on a national level or someone who covered him from outside the Florida media. Interesting.

They're boarding the plane, so I'll have to cut it short. Back to the usual tomorrow.

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