Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"It could lodge under the skin and cause a serious infection!"

The single worst thing about MLB's effort to "investigate" the use of performance enhancing drugs in baseball was the person they chose to conduct it. Former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell has quite an impressive resume, but one of the items on it said "Director, Boston Red Sox". That should have made it abundantly clear Mitchell was not the right person to select for the job. How many hundreds of former prosecutors or FBI agents with no ties to a team could have been hired to lead that inquiry? Stunningly, Mitchell's "investigation" found zero players who used PEDs while members of the Red Sox. A bunch of Yankee players were users, though. Over the weekend, former Red Sox infielder Lou Merloni described how a doctor came in at a meeting called by the franchise to explain to players how to use steroids effectively but not abuse them. Gee, I wonder how that missed making the report? The "we knew nothing" routine from MLB officials has always been lame, and it gets progressively more so with each little bit of truth like this that leaks out. By the way, the former Sox GM denies Merloni's story. I'm just stunned to hear that.

Sports Illustrated's Peter King has ranked the NFL teams from 1-32 for this season, and he gives the top spot to the New England Patriots. Maybe, but I'd like to see Tom Brady doing something not involving Giselle before I buy in on that. The real stunners for me were him putting the Bears at four - no idea who he thinks Jay Cutler will be throwing the ball to exactly - and Carolina at 18. King criticizes Jake Delhomme for only averaging 206 yards passing per game last season, but ignores that the reason for that is the Panthers have perhaps the best young running back tandem in the league. To me both those teams should be pretty close to each other, likely around 10-12. I wish I could argue Tampa Bay being at 26, but if anything that might be too high.

The Orlando fan whose kid got his hat knocked off by Glen Davis as he ran up the court celebrating his game winning shot Sunday night "demanded" an apology from him and the NBA. Keep in mind that the guy's son wasn't knocked down, as you would anticipate he might if Big Baby made major contact with him. Still, this clown decided to call Davis "a raging animal". How embarassed do the think that kid was to find out his dad had decided to be a jerk about it and make a big public scene? I'm glad neither Davis or the league apologized - no malice was intended and no harm was done.

The Skins Game is going away, officially proclaimed a victim of the economy. When it first started, it was a big deal to see huge names like Jack, Arnie, Lee Trevino and Tom Watson squaring off. The last couple of times I noticed it, the fields weren't even a good leaderboard at the Greater Greensboro Open. If they ever want to bring the Skins Game back and have people care, make the players put up their own money for the event. Then let's see who makes that eight footer with six skins carried over.

It's never a good thing when something in your city makes the Smoking Gun website, but yesterday it was Gainesville's turn. A wannabe rapper decided to pull off a couple of robberies to boost his gangsta image. He even wound up shooting a clerk - with a BB Gun! When your hard core style is modeled on Clark Griswold at Wally World, you know you've got mad street cred. Straight Outta Gainesville, crazy muthafunker named Steven Gilmore!

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