Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Even Michael Jordan thinks this is ridiculous

Brett Favre continues to embarass himself with his never ending Hamlet routine about playing in the NFL. He's now arranged to meet with Brad Childress to discuss playing for Minnesota this year. Favre's been doing this "will I or won't I play next year" crap for this entire decade. The Packers were silly enough to believe he meant it after 2007 and moved on, and so now Favre is going to try and get revenge on them two years later. His numbers three of the past four years are mediocre at best, including last year's 22 TD, 22 INT performance in New York. Even in 2007,the one year Favre played at a high level, he was the one who cost Green Bay its shot at the Super Bowl with a poorly thrown interception in overtime. This will be unretirement number two for Favre if it happens, and it will give me a team to root against this year if it does. Grow up and go away, Brett.

Georgia is going to pay a school 925 thousand dollars for their football team to come play them in Athens in 2011. It's the highest dollar figure they've ever spent on an opponent. So who merits this kind of largesse - Notre Dame? USC? Ohio State? Try New Mexico State. This kind of craziness is being caused by the NCAA expanding to twelve games even in years where teams have just thirteen weeks to arrange their schedules (unlike 2008, when there were 14). The limited number of teams available to book a nonconference game in any week has caused small programs to begin extorting huge dollars from ADs looking for home games without a return. Indications are the likes of Norfolk State will be getting a million plus for a game in the coming years. The NCAA has to get their act together and either make every year a 14 week schedule to play a dozen games or get rid of the twelfth game altogether. The current setup is just not working.

You may not care much about hockey, but a story from the NHL is worth keeping an eye on in the coming days. The Phoenix Coyotes have apparently filed for bankruptcy. It's part of a larger effort to sell the team to a group wanting to move it to Canada (it had been stolen from Winnipeg in the first place, although it reportedly would go somewhere like Hamilton this time). If the economy continues to struggle with devastating effects on sponsorship dollars as a result, there will be more bankruptcies. Eventually, one will not involve anyone trying to purchase or move the team and the franchise will simply fold. It's been years since that scenario played out for a major sport, but it will almost certainly do so in either the NHL or NBA within the next two to three years.

Not all NHL teams are struggling, and the Boston Bruins have recently unveiled one of the best sports ad campaigns that I've seen in a long time. The theme is "Bruins Hockey Rules", and it illustrates some basic concepts for fans. Why anyone needs it explained to them that you don't tuck in a hockey jersey I have no idea, but I've seen people who actually do it. This one is my personal favorite spot, but they're all good for a chuckle.

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