Friday, May 22, 2009

Oh good, a potential mentor for Talib!

Plaxico Burress is not a terribly hot NFL commodity right now. His pending felony gun charges and potential three and a half year mandatory prison term if convicted might have something to do with that. Another likely factor: Burress was flaky and had been having injury issues even before he accidentally shot himself. Yet according to's Steve Wyche, Tampa Bay has expressed interest in bringing in Burress. A receiving unit that includes chronic screwup Antonio Bryant, "Souldja" Kellen Winslow, and the loathsome Jerramy Stevens needs this addition like they need a return of Leeman Bennett as coach. The team colors may be switching from pewter to brown really soon.

I don't want to write and talk about Lane Kiffin everyday. I really and truly don't. But when a rookie SEC head man cans his strength coach right before summer workouts start, it's impossible to ignore. Mark Smith, the coach who's on his way out, was one of those hires away from another SEC school that Kiffin was bragging about four months ago. I'll be very curious to hear the eventual explanation of why Lane wants him to hit the road.

Let me get this straight. There is no book chronicling Steve Spurrier's career, yet there's going to be one about the job Rich Brooks has done in rebuilding Kentucky? Were their two Music City Bowl wins really that extraordinary? Seems to me like going after a gnat with a shotgun, which is more of a Burress kind of thing to do.

Apparently there are people in America who still read Archie comics. The biggest mystery of the lengthy series is about to be resolved, and it's not what the heck is up with Jughead's hat. According to the comic's publishers, this August the title character will choose between Betty and Veronica and get engaged. If this is exciting news to you, I strongly encourage you to get out of the house more.

I'll be traveling to Destin Monday for the SEC's spring meetings. They begin on Tuesday and I'll return home on Wednesday. Since I'm not sure what my combo of time and internet access will be, assume there won't be a new post earlier than Tuesday and potentially the day after. Have a great weekend and I'll catch you back here then.

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