Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kentucky will steal ND's idea to deal with the Gillispie era

After last night's NBA lottery, Chad Ford of came out with his official mock draft. He has Nick Calathes as a first round pick at number 23 to Sacramento. I do not believe Ford is correct in that assessment - in fact, based on what I've seen from him over the years the odds are better than average he's not. The reality is that this only further ensures Calathes will not be at UF next season. He's dying for people to tell him what he wants to hear, and Ford just did. If Nick doesn't go first round, don't expect the man who hyped Darko Milicic as the next great big man to acknowledge he blew it again.

John Wall signing with Kentucky wasn't a stunner - the word was that's what his AAU coach wanted him to do - but it was another tough piece of news for UF. Not only could they not get in on him late, but they'll have to face him twice. John Calipari appears to have assembled the most mercenary laden team ever in Lexington before he's ever coached a game. Maybe there's a way to blend all this elite "one and done" talent with an existing roster without creating a chemistry nightmare. Perhaps there's a way to run off three or four kids (depending on what Jodie Meeks decides) from that roster without paying an APR price. We'll all find out together, but Jeff Goodman of Fox Sports already has Kentucky listed as next year's preseason number one. As for Florida, with no Calathes and no apparent candidates to add for the point guard spot next season as of now, they will be incredibly thin in the backcourt. If anything happens to Erving Walker, they'll be dead meat.

Peter King of Sports Illustrated reports that the NFL Network is livid about Jon Gruden taking the Monday Night Football job. It seems they felt they had a deal in place with him to be the analyst for their package of games while working on the network this season. Gee, I am shocked to hear that someone feels Jon Gruden lied to them and just did whatever he felt like doing. Who could have ever guessed such a thing might happen? But hey, he makes faces on the sideline!

Speaking of lying, how pathetic is it that Notre Dame won't acknowledge Charlie Weis's 3-9 2007 season in his bio for their media guide? They call it "accentuating the positive". They only list seasons during his career where the team Weis was coaching for finished with winning records, which means they leave plenty of years out. Anyone reading the guide knows Weis hasn't been very successful lately - why pretend you can hide that?

FSU'S Corey Surrency has officially been turned down by the NCAA in his efforts to appeal for an extra year of eligibility. The fact FSU has been making quick fix signings like him and Joe Tonga just trying to get some talent on offense speaks volumes about how far that program has fallen. They're incredibly thin at receiver, so this news won't go over well. Bobby Bowden will think this is another example of the NCAA having it out for the Seminoles because they won't change their name. Or it could be that they're enforcing the rules. One of the two, for sure.

I haven't been a golfer for two decades, but I wish I could get a chance to do this someday. How cool would it be to hit balls off the 34th floor?

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Erik said...

Don't get me started about Calipari. There's a reason he attracts all of these one-and-done kids. Now with the news about Rose at Memphis, I just can't look at Calipari and think that he has all of this success building programs by good ole' fashion coaching skills. He's doing something, but no one wants to report it because he's one of those coaching elites that no one wants to touch.