Friday, August 20, 2010

Based on Clemens legal strategy so far, he'll find a way to get the death penalty

So many things stand out about Roger Clemens being indicted yesterday. It's amazing that he managed to put himself in this position, because the only reason there were congressional hearings in the first place was because Clemens insisted on it. Once he got there he couldn't have looked worse, apparently having deluded himself into believing the congressmen would ask for his autograph and lob up some softball questions to help rehab his image. The thing that struck me most though was how unloved this guy is despite all his success. As annoying as Brett Favre has become, Packer fans still want to love him again one day. LeBron at least has Miami and some other non-Cleveland fans who didn't mind his ego trip. Even in Roger's heyday, I can't remember anyone really loving him. He wore out his welcome in Boston, was never embraced in Toronto despite winning Cy Youngs there, and always felt suspect as a Yankee. Houston fans seemed to like him I guess, but that was before all this. If he ever gets into Cooperstown, who's going to be there to cheer?

Glad to see everything is apparently going to be relatively alright for Percy Harvin after a scary moment yesterday when he was reported as having collapsed and been unresponsive on the Vikings practice field. Harvin had a shaky personal reputation when he came to UF, but in the time I covered the kid he was a pretty good guy. He's no angel, as the positive marijuana test at the combine proved, but he's the single most impressive offensive player physically I've ever covered on a regular basis. No one accelerates through cuts the way that guy can. For him to consistently struggle with migraines like this should emphasize just how brutal they are. There aren't too many people still with Minnesota who were there for the collapse and death of Korey Stringer, but I can't imagine what those unresponsive moments for Harvin yesterday were like for them.

While the NCAA investigation into the Great Agent Crisis of college football 2010 continues, Steve Spurrier said last night he believes it's close to being resolved for his player Weslye Saunders. Spurrier says he expects to know the status of Saunders before the season opener, which is currently two weeks away. Agent Jack Bechta wrote a piece about the issue for the National Football Post which indicates a committee is being formed to attempt to resolve the agent issue going forward by revamping the entire system. Whatever the answer they come up with is, colleges have to figure something out soon. With the abundance of ways for athletes to get caught now if they get anything extra, the problem will only get worse if it's set up the way it is.

I'm fascinated by the lengths some people will go to avoid having to do things honestly. Take the genius described in this piece from the Smoking Gun, whose strategy is demanding "refunds" from various businesses for meals supposedly eaten there. He claims to them that the meals were ruined by inappropriate sex conversation from workers. We're talking about places like Chili's, yet this guy turned his efforts to bilk them into an Ocean's 11 style routine. If times are tight and you can't afford to go out, don't. If you can afford it and want to go out, pay. It's really not that complicated. Have a good weekend and I'll see you back here Monday. Follow me on twitter @heathradio for anything noteworthy that gets my attention between now and then.

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