Wednesday, August 11, 2010

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Tiger Woods says he wants to play in the Ryder Cup and would accept a captain's selection if necessary. Imagine what it's going to be like for US captain Corey Pavin if he decides not to offer him one. If you don't do it and the guys you select instead don't succeed, you'll be criticized for not taking Tiger even though in his prime Woods wasn't anywhere nearly as dominating in the event as he was in tour play. Despite that, unless Woods shows significant improvement at some point between now and the event Pavin should say no. Tiger has not only struggled badly at times, but has appeared to lack desire to even be out on the course at some events. The us team can't be based on what guys were, it has to be based on what they are. Right now, Tiger's a trainwreck.

The man in charge of the SEC package for CBS is expressing concern that ratings for the conference may drop this season without Tim Tebow playing for Florida. To me, that's ridiculous. People watch the SEC game each week because it typically features highly ranked teams, great rivalries and competitive games. Maybe some people tuned into Arkansas at Florida last year because of Tebow at the beginning, but I guarantee viewership went up throughout the game as it became clear there was a serious upset threat brewing. If the SEC has games like last year's Auburn-Alabama battle each Saturday, the viewership's going to be fine. Speaking of those two teams, they've decided not to continue playing on the Friday after Thanksgiving once the two year contract ends this year. Does that mean we go back to LSU-Arkansas, or will someone else get a look?

FSU is really getting hit hard early in camp with injuries and stupidity. Two more players are gone for the season with ACL tears, including one of their better defensive tackle options in Moses McCray. The Seminoles are already down a sure starter on each side of the ball for the season and now a likely defensive starter as well. They haven't recruited well enough for the last few years to sustain an attrition rate like this, especially when Mark Stoops is putting in a new defensive scheme.

The Florida Panthers have come up with a pretty savvy idea on how to stimulate ticket sales in a fanbase that's not exactly fired up about their product. They're letting fans suggest what they're willing to pay for season ticket packages and then deciding whether to accept the offers or not. This may be the way of the future. If you're the Charlotte Bobcats and no one wants to buy your seats at full price, why not put some on EBay yourself and see what happens? As more and more fans realize the experience of watching the game at home has often become better than seeing it in person, ticket sales are going to continue to drop unless teams come up with reasons why you need to be there. This might be a way to slow the erosion in sales down - I'll be curious to see if it works.

I'm quite comfortable with the fact I've never seen a second of MTV's Jersey Shore. Making celebrities out of people for being imbeciles doesn't seem to be a positive trend to me. Unfortunately the ratings say otherwise, which means it's time for the inevitable ripoff shows to begin. What's another easily stereotyped group? That's right, it's time for the southern version of the show. The casting process has begun for Redneck Riviera. I'm sure it'll be Emmy level stuff.

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