Friday, August 13, 2010

Lou also predicts the Pope will be Catholic

Congratulations to Greg McGarity for getting the job as Georgia's AD. For Jeremy Foley to now compete directly against the guy who's been his right hand man at UF for eighteen years will be interesting to say the least. Even those of us who know and like McGarity don't really know what to expect here. Is he a full subscriber to the Foley creed of "What must be done eventually should be done immediately"? Does he share Foley's knack for finding young coaching talent? Some observers will speculate about what this may mean for Mark Richt. I'd be surprised if McGarity was looking to make a move there anytime soon, although it probably helps him in making any assessments to know what UF's post-Urban plan was should that come up again. At this point former key UF figures with ties to Foley's era are now in place around the SEC as UGA AD, football coaches at South Carolina and Mississippi State, and basketball coaches at Arkansas and Alabama. It's safe to say people are looking to copy the blueprint.

Reggie Bush reportedly called Pat Haden to apologize to the USC AD for the NCAA fiasco he basically caused. Haden says Bush told him "If I could give the Heisman back, I would." Well, what's stopping you Reggie? Is it the same thing that stopped you from paying off the wannabe agents when you decided not to actually live up to your agreement with them? Can't say I'm too impressed with more empty words from a guy who has yet to step up and take any real public accountability for his actions.

Former Oakland quarterback JaMarcus Russell now admits to being a user of codeine without a prescription, but in a terribly surprising development he has an alibi for everything. His first positive test was just because he didn't have a prescription from the team doctor. The other times Russell took codeine syrup without a prescription are old news - no way was he using the last couple of years! The codeine laced drink found in his room when the police raided his house? Totally not his. Hey, I know I believe him. Now I'll wait for the interview where Russell explains whose fault it was that he was out of shape and his performance totally disastrous whenever he went on the field for the Raiders.

Self confidence is a good thing. Like most positives, there is such a thing as too much of it. Miami Dolphins wide receiver Brandon Marshall's comment that he'll go play in the NBA next season if there's an NFL labor stoppage would be an example of that. It's this kind of thinking that has the owners well ahead of the players as they head toward the expected collective bargaining agreement skirmish. Marshall not only is delusional enough to think he can make an NBA team, he's also uninformed enough not to realize the NBA is expected to have a major labor dispute next season as well. Think guys like him are carefully planning for 2011 financially?

I'm going to spend the weekend looking to see if I can find a single story more predictable than this one from the South Bend Tribune. Lou Holtz thinks Notre Dame will be favored in every game this season? I'm stunned! After picking them to play for the national title last year and win at least ten the year before that I was sure he would downgrade expectations. Have a good weekend, follow along on Twitter @heathradio and I'll see you back here Monday.

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