Monday, August 16, 2010

He also converted two Bengals at the two minute warning

Day one of game action for Tim Tebow went pretty well. There were some times he held the ball longer than he's going to be able to against starting caliber defenders, but overall it was a solid debut. Already one national columnist has called for Tebow to move ahead of Brady Quinn to the backup spot. You'll remember that Quinn was deemed worthy of being a first round pick because he has good physical measurables and had played in a pro style offense. That Quinn wasn't very impressive against any good college defense he played didn't bother the Todd McShays of the world at all. It's not like he was some bum like Tebow, who McShay has decreed clearly has no chance of succeeding as a pro. Kyle Orton's the definite Denver starter, but we will see Tebow contributing in some way this season.

If your appetite for embarrassing trials involving college basketball coaches wasn't met by the Rick Pitino fiasco a couple of weeks ago, you're in luck. Ole Miss coach Andy Kennedy's defamation lawsuit against the cabdriver and a witness in his incident in Cincinnati goes to trial today. Kennedy is suing each man for just two dollars, saying that proves this is not about the money. Maybe so, but it also proves it's a really stupid thing to do. How Ole Miss hasn't leaned on Kennedy to let it go is beyond me. Just as the incident had faded from memory (along with the humiliating "the incident damaged our sex life" lawsuit filed by the coach's wife) he's going out of his way to bring it back into the spotlight?! Why would you do that?

Whenever Mark Cuban's name surfaces as a possible owner for a baseball franchise (most recently when he bid for the Texas Rangers) there are always articles and broadcaster comments asserting MLB wouldn't be comfortable with him as an owner. Frank and Jamie McCourt "buying" the Los Angeles Dodgers on the other hand? That was fine, despite the fact they were leveraged to the hilt. Now, thanks to their imminent divorce, the world knows the loathsome McCourts are bleeding the Dodgers franchise to the tune of 14 million a year for "rent" on the stadium the team's owned for years. The money goes into their pockets, of course, because the exorbitant salaries they've been paying themselves and their kids from the team pocketbook just aren't enough to sustain their lifestyle. Cuban is a legit billionaire who's proven to be a master at marketing his Dallas Mavericks. The idea he is less desirable as an owner than the McCourts is asinine, but given the supposed leadership of MLB it's completely unsurprising they would think that way.

It has occurred to the head of FIFA that perhaps the World Cup games would be more fun if someone actually won them. As a result, he says they are looking at doing away with draws in favor of a potential sudden death OT with a shootout to follow. This would definitely be progress, although getting the officiating selection process improved and goal line technology resolved are both necessary as well. For the World Cup to have become as huge as it is without any of that is amazing - imagine what it might be once there aren't as many obvious flaws.

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