Thursday, August 19, 2010

Brett Favre says he may join the WAC now

The twists and turns of the college conference situation this year make the plot of Mad Men seem quite tame. As noted yesterday, BYU plans on leaving the Mountain West and going independent in football while placing its other teams in the WAC. The MWC has other ideas, and stole Nevada and Fresno State away from the WAC as a ploy to make it an undesirable landing spot for BYU. Nevada was sneaky enough to have avoided signing a previously reported five million dollar penalty clause for leaving the WAC, meaning they'll owe the conference nothing. Now word is that BYU may instead go to the WCC for their other sports, meaning Gonzaga would get an interesting new basketball rival and also that the MWC effort to destroy the WAC may have worked yet failed at the same time. More plot twists sure to follow today.

Yet again a group of schools is going to throw their regular college football uniforms aside for at least one game this season as part of a Nike stunt. Ten of them are doing it, including Alabama and Florida. I know Nike spends a bunch of money with these schools and in return they get great cooperation. It's what's given us Urban Meyer and Les Miles holding up BCS trophies in leather jackets and Ohio State in white helmets. Shouldn't there be a point where these schools say enough, though? I've talked to kids after games where they wore some of these "one game wonders", and frequently they've mentioned things like the helmet not feeling quite right or the uniform being a bit of a distraction while they got used to it. That's been after wins, too. Why do these coaches who micromanage every single other detail of their programs keep allowing their kids to be lab rats for uniform experiments when it could distract them enough to impact a game?

If the infamous "Florida hat" episode in Arkansas earlier this week wasn't enough to convince people outside SEC country that the football is taken a little too seriously down here, a ridiculous tale from Alabama should do the trick. A candidate for mayor of Bessemer thought it might help to let folks know Nick Saban has endorsed her candidacy. She decided a good way to go about sharing that news would be to photoshop herself into a picture next to Saban (in place of his wife). Why didn't she just pose for a shot with Saban, you ask? Because the next mayor there had apparently made the entire Saban endorsement up, with the campaign's latest claim being that he told her campaign manager's dad while golfing it was okay to use his name. Of course he did. The bigger question: why anyone weighing who the right person is to handle zoning issues and school budgets would care what non-Bessemer resident Saban "thought" of the situation.

While making my way around the web yesterday, I came across a report indicating KFC was test marketing a new menu item called the Skinwich. The sandwich was described as being made up of five pieces of fried chicken skin, bacon and cheese - with photos purporting to show the monstrosity. I'm happy to report this was an internet hoax, and a pretty well done one. The page I first saw the story on had bought it as legit, but once someone let me know about the link above (where the story originally appeared) it was easy to see that it was a put on. What's unfortunate is that serving up hideous gut bombs like this has become so common that it was completely believable someone might be experimenting with doing it. Would it surprise you if a KFC executive was at their headquarters right now asking why they hadn't already thought of this? Yeah, me neither.

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