Friday, August 6, 2010

Greg Kite will be so jealous when he hears about this play

The first college football coaches poll is officially out (AP is on the 21st.) and has Alabama at number one as expected. I was pleasantly surprised to see Florida and Texas at 3 and 4 ahead of Boise State. I suspect the media will have the Broncos higher, which is a joke because either of those teams would destroy them. Been a long time since the SEC had only two teams in the top 15 to start a season, but no one quite knows which ones of the Arkansas/Auburn/LSU/Georgia/South Carolina grouping will turn out to be special this season. The fact LSU is 16th and Ole Miss got a lot of votes also drives home just how many coaches vote on reputation rather than paying attention - the poll should have been abolished years ago.

John Curtis was a talented football walk on at Florida who suffered multiple ACL injuries during his time in Gainesville that kept him from getting a chance to really shine. He stood out to me immediately upon his arrival in 2004 as being a guy with enough ability to be an SEC player despite not being a signee. It's being reported that Curtis has apparently committed suicide at the age of 24. I only recall specifically interviewing Curtis once, but he seemed like a nice kid. It's really strange to think he's gone, and my condolences go out to his family and friends.

Two years ago Quinn Pitcock decided to put an end to his NFL career after just one season with Indianapolis. He announced his retirement despite having been a third round pick, and that was that until now. The former Buckeye has resurfaced after signing with Seattle and has an explanation for his two years away from the NFL: video game addiction. Depression was an issue as well, but Pitcock actually underwent treatment specifically for the video game addiction. Addiction issues are tough to understand for those of us who haven't dealt with them personally, but VIDEO GAMES? Get off the couch and do something else - you're cured. Sell the system if you're afraid of relapsing. There was plenty of talk about Tiger Woods and the legitimacy of sex addiction as a true disorder earlier this year. If this can be an "addiction" then no one should say another word questioning whether Tiger can play the addiction card to explain the Perkins waitress.

Not sure I remember the last time I went to a theater and saw a play, but now there's one for me to hope gets produced somewhere nearby. Someone has written a play called "Rambis", which features a character who views former Laker and current Minnesota Timberwolves head coach Kurt Rambis as "omnipresent and endowed with superhuman powers". When Rambis was with the Phoenix Suns he came as close to resembling Chewbacca as any human is likely to be able to do so, which is why it's hard to accept him as a sophisticated coach wearing a GQ wardrobe with the T-Wolves these days.

This weekend we get football back for the first time since the Super Bowl. Sure it's just the crappy preseason Hall of Fame game, but it's still football. Enjoy it and I'll see you back here Monday. Follow along on twitter at heathradio for any news or random observations between now and then.

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