Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Quick one today - early scrimmages not a favorite of mine

Yahoo sports contributes the latest info to the ongoing College Football Agent Panic, with a detailed report that says the NCAA is focused on the relationship between North Carolina defensive line coach John Blake and agent Gary Wichard's company. It certainly seems at minimum Wichard is caught in a lie, although there's nothing legally wrong with lying to a reporter. Also of interest is Yahoo's report that nine schools have been contacted in some way by the NCAA as past of this investigation, with East Carolina a new name and two more not mentioned. This has always been where most of the rumors around the investigation have focused, but Yahoo has put some actual meat into the rumor sandwich about Blake's relationship with Wichard. With three weeks before the season starts, we'll see soon if this ends up costing anyone the chance to play their opening game.

One of the sillier controversies I can think of in recent years is playing out at UCF. With coach George O'Leary's approval, an Orlando area magazine shot photos and video of a UCF MBA student posing in the football team's locker room. This would not be of any particular interest if the grad student wasn't also Playboy's Miss July for this year. Now the university is apologizing for allowing the photo shoot (which didn't feature nudity, but was suggestive) to happen. They shouldn't be. UCF getting attention for having a gorgeous female fan is not something to regret - look at how much mileage FSU's gotten out of Jenn Sterger. Playboy didn't shoot any photos in the locker room, and it's not like this situation's likely to come up again (unless UCF is suddenly a Playmate recruiting hotbed), so why should anybody get worked up about this?

The latest edition of Sports Illustrated features a "where are they now" them, and one of the guys they chose to update was former Florida guard Teddy Dupay. As always, it appears Dupay is still delusional about his possibilities for future success. At the moment Dupay's still head of a marijuana legalization movement/semi-pyramid scheme, but says he'd like to coach. The assault incident, the gambling investigation at UF, the current Cheech and Chong meet Amway persona - none of this says "future coach" to me. Hard to think of many people who've squandered more good will than Dupay.

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