Friday, November 28, 2008

Detroit really is going 0-16 this year

Hope your Thanksgiving was a good one. It wasn't a good day if you hoped to see a decent football game - three awful NFL matchups and a college rivalry that is hopelessly mismatched right now did not make for compelling viewing. If you're dealing with malls today, good luck. I don't care what they're selling, if Elle MacPherson was handing out free samples in her birthday suit I still wouldn't go anywhere near a retail store this weekend.

Florida should beat FSU this weekend, but the Noles have the proverbial "puncher's chance". I don't see the evidence of improvement on D necessary to slow Florida's attack down, but they at least have some athletes on offense besides Preston Parker this season. It will be strange not to be there - I'll have to watch it in my Columbia studio while talking about the aftermath of South Carolina-Clemson.

Wednesday the word came out that Tennessee has offered its job to Lane Kiffin. To me, that would be a less than impressive hire. He's gotten tons of attention this year, but what makes him a good fit for the Volunteers job? No SEC ties, no college head coaching experience, a 5-15 record in the NFL... I don't get it. I'm not the only one, either. If Kiffin's really the guy, I predict he's gone in five years or less. While we're on the subject of being gone, Bruce Pearl's ex-wife has openend a Knovxille business: a hair salon named Alimony's. Gee, that sounds like a good situation.

It's pretty ridiculous that just as the election wave of advertising recedes, we've now got negative campaigning seeping into college football. Texas fans have ponied up money for signs and banner planes to tout their 45-35 win against Oklahoma earlier this year. Texas cruised by forty last night against Texas A&M. If that wasn't enough to convince voters to give Texas the edge over the Sooners, a banner plane with the Oklahoma score sure won't.

While those two schools are battling for a piece of the Big Twelve title game and the shot at the BCS that would provide, an interesting situation is brewing elsewhere. Nevada coach Chris Ault says he'd recommend declining a bowl if the Wolfpack's record ends up at 6-6. Given the economy and fans reluctance to spend money to go to a blah game, Nevada might not be the only school feeling that way. Eleven ACC teams could be bowl eligible, with none getting over eight regular season wins. How many of them really want to go to Boise? What happens if no one will accept a bowl bid?

One of the items some people are buying today is undoubtedly the new "Guns N' Roses" (not really, but that's what Axl wanted to be called) CD, Chinese Democracy. Axl Rose messed around with this thing for around sixteen years, and listening to it online I can hear flashes of brilliance. There's a whole lot that's just an overbaked mess, too. Still, the CD's out and now Rose has found someone new to get into lengthy legal battles with: the folks who make Dr. Pepper. Their promo originally tied in with the CD's theoretical release hasn't been done to Axl's satisfaction. He might as well enjoy it, because the music it took him a decade and a half plus to come up with isn't going to sell well enough to justify the hype in the future.

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