Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Without Chris Rose hosting, why even have the BCS?

The BCS rights will leave Fox after 2010 for ESPN. As I mentioned last week, this is good news for anyone who hopes to see a playoff, because with all the contracts under one roof at least it's possible that a revision of the deal to switch the format could happen. Beyond that, it's good news because ESPN understands college football and Fox doesn't. Sunday I saw Fox's guys try to feign interest in the latest BCS standings and it was obvious they had no idea what any of it really meant. I don't think any of their NFL guys could tell Michael Crabtree from Miss Krabappel on the Simpsons.

So now some USF fans want to can Jim Leavitt, huh? Sounds like a good plan. There are tons of great coaches dying to take over a job with the lowest recruiting budget of any BCS conference school in the country. After all, it's not like expectations will be hard to meet or anything. Leavitt only built the whole program from the ground up and put the entire school on the map nationally by getting to number two in the BCS standings in 2007. Why should that be good enough to keep his job another couple of years when the Bulls are "only" going to another non BCS bowl this year?

Crazy dollar figures like 66 million dollars are being thrown around in relation to the controversial ending of Pittsburgh's win against San Diego Sunday. In reality, while the sports books apparently did make money on the game thanks to the disallowed touchdown the impact's not anything like that amount (which seems to be stemming from one estimate of how much was on Pittsburgh but ignores that bets on the Chargers had to be paid). As a result of this latest controversy the NFL has now given the replay booth the ability to call the ref back to the review booth a second time, presumably to say "Try again, moron!" if he blows a call.

If Hank Williams Junior does follow through on his vague discussion about running for the US Senate from Tennessee, will ESPN finally take him off the Monday Night Football intro? Because I'll kick in a couple of bills for the campaign if they'll promise to do that.

Speaking of music, there's a lot being made of the word Paul McCartney may finally release the Beatles recording "Carnival of Light". As much as I enjoy the Beatles, this thing sounds like a seriously drugged out train wreck. I still remember what a big deal they made about the supposed "new" songs "Free As A Bird" and "Real Love" when the Anthology discs came out. Neither could even come close to living up to expectations, and I seriously doubt this one can.

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