Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jerry Jones's leftover skin from the facelift is surprisingly not available for bid

The Knoxville News-Sentinel's Mike Griffith maintains that Cincinnati's Brian Kelly is now the lead candidate for the Tennessee job. I think Kelly is a terrific offensive coach, but I don't think he's a good match for the Vols job. Kelly's known for being an abrasive guy. (His first year at Cincy, he refused to even speak with the Cincinnati Enquirer reporter assigned to cover his appearance at Big East media days because it wasn't the regular football beat writer.) He's from Boston and spent his coaching career in the state of Michigan before taking Cincinnati two years ago. Does any of that sound like a great fit with the Volunteer fanbase to you? Kelly has not shown recruiting prowess in places like Texas, California or Florida. Tennessee has to get most of its talent from those kind of places. This pairing just doesn't feel right to me at all.

Georgia hasn't lived up to the hype as a supposed great team this season, but some of their fans apparently think 2009 could be the magic season instead as long as Matthew Stafford and Knowshown Moreno stick around. Not sure who besides A.J. Green is supposed to make plays in their passing game in that scenario, but that won't bother UGA fans delusional enough to believe a website encouraging the players to stay will make a difference. Moreno would be crazy to wait to go pro. Running backs have short shelf lives and every carry could be their last - talk to Cadillac Williams about that. The idea that Moreno's going to look at a webpage and decide to stay another season to make the anonymous message posters happy rather than take care of his family financially is ridiculous.

I didn't bother to post earlier in the week about the whole "Donovan McNabb didn't know about ties in the NFL" thing because it was getting beaten to death in the media. Suffice to say I knew there were ties in the NFL, and everyone I know who remotely cared about the league did too. It seemed like a moot point until Hines Ward came out and announced he also was unaware there were ties in the NFL. Considering Ward PLAYED A GAME THAT ENDED IN A TIE himself, one would think it might have occurred to him. I don't know if Ward was trying to help McNabb out, but when he said that (and when Ben Roethlisberger is saying there are so many rules changes it's hard to keep track despite the rule not changing since 1974) he embarassed both of them.

Texas Stadium is being auctioned off piece by piece, which is interesting since the stadium is still operating. Normally they wait until the last event's been played, but Jerry Jones needs cash quickly to finish building the new place. It's just in time for holiday shopping, too. Who wouldn't want a game used Cowboys locker room urinal?

Like the Obama family, we're looking at getting a dog in a couple of months. A rescue dog or a pound dog is an option as long as we can find one that's feasible to have as an indoor dog. Assuming for whatever reason we do not go that way, I am looking for breeds that are: 1. affectionate, 2. not super high maintenance, 3. sufficiently cute that my wife will like it (it's her first dog) while not being embarassing for me to walk by myself (because I know when it's cold I'm going to get stuck doing it). Any suggestions are welcome on the comments page.


Nickname unavailable said...

Whatever you do, get a pound/rescue dog, not one from a puppymill! It never fails that those spoiled inbred dogs lack the character of a real dog. And paying some scumbag waste of life, who one could only hope dies in a fire as I'm writing this, for forcing more dogs into this world while thousands of them are euthanized.. well that's just not cool Heath.

Heath Cline said...

My grandfather was a vet, so I know all about the puppy mill situation. He was extremely unhappy about what had happened to some breeds like German Shepherds and Irish Setters as a result of those operations. If I can find a rescue dog or mutt that's the right size which we can take in, I will. I still need to know about the best breeds for our situation, though.

g8trgene said...

Get a Chia pet. Fits all your requirements and no worries walking in the rain/snow.
You are missed in Gville.

Matt said...

I personally prefer dogs that don't shed. Eliminates a lot of unnecessary hassle. My family had a couple of Bichon Frises (which I think are eliminated under your "embarassment" clause) but I loved the fact that I wasn't constantly picking the fur off of everything I owned.