Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The never ending BC-mess

One of the obstacles to any meaningful progress toward a college football playoff is the existing TV contract situation. ABC/ESPN has the Rose Bowl through 2014 and Fox has everything else. This results in ESPN trying to hype the Rose Bowl like it's a much bigger deal than the championship game, but also ensures they would not go along with any proposals to change the current system. If ESPN gets back the rights to the rest of the BCS after 2010 then that would be one less obstacle to progress. Does it mean there will be progress? Of course not, but at least if someone in power finally came up with a workable playoff plan they couldn't be shot down instantly.

I'm glad to see the Bucs feel comfortable enough with Cadillac Williams recovery that they're going to activate him for this week's game. Lots of people thought his career was over. Having said that, I still fear that given the severity of the injury Williams will be a shell of himself for however long he can hang on. Hopefully he's managed his money well, because this story reminds me of Robert Edwards a lot.

Speaking of stories that remind me of something, Evander Holyfield is going to fight against Nikolai Valuev for the WBA heayweight championship. Valuev is the freakish looking Russian seven footer. Let's see... way past his prime former American champ against mutant Russian.... hello Rocky IV! Hey Evander, Apollo dies! If you want to recreate a movie, they're casting now for Will Smith's Karate Kid remake. Evander Holyfield as a slurring, incoherent Mr. Miyagi is about as good an idea as the film is, so why not?

The Obamas have been given their Secret Service code names. I guess Obama did okay with Renegade, but if I'm Bush I think I would have asked for something better than Tumbler. I'm a little unclear on why we know these - if they tell everyone, what's the point of the code? Is it just to sound cool, like in the CB radio days?

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