Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jon Gruden wants to write this blog

Maybe one day I'll understand why every college football fanbase in America thinks Jon Gruden wants to be their head coach. The latest alleged landing spot for Gruden is Tennessee, which led him to deny interest yesterday. The fanatical fanbase will doubtless hear about this and tell themselves "that's what Saban said" and continue believeing Gruden wants the job. Among others, I've seen fans speculate about Gruden over the years at Notre Dame (he lived here as a kid for a while!), Ohio State (he played at Dayton and loves Ohio!), Florida (Gruden's a big Gator guy and grew up in Tampa!), FSU (Gruden's a big Nole and grew up in Tampa!), and now Tennessee (he worked here and his wife's a Vol!). Gruden doesn't like playing rookies in the NFL - he doesn't want to deal with recruiting and coaching freshmen. He also has a four million dollar a year deal through 2011 - you think he's taking a pay cut because his wife went to UT? It wouldn't bother me at all for Gruden to leave Tampa, but when he does it won't be for a college gig, no matter how delusional some fans are about that.

The Las Vegas Sports Consultants have Florida as their new number one team in the country. There's a reason for that - what UF is doing the last month is astounding. Spurrier has told people close to him that he's amazed at how good this year's UF offense is compared even to last year's. Lots of people in Columbia are shocked by the Gamecocks being 21 point underdogs, but Spurrier completely understands it.

I was asked via email(heath@gator.net) what I thought about these draft rankings from ESPN's Todd McShay not including Tim Tebow as one of the top ten quarterbacks. To be honest, I'm not sure what to think. McShay doesn't do much for me - they're trying to turn him into the new Mel Kiper so that ESPN can drop Mel's big salary, but I don't hear much from him that impresses me. As for Tebow, I believe McShay doesn't have him there because he isn't one of his top 64. He says in the article they will only list juniors he believes are first and second rounders. No junior QBs not in that list make his top ten. If I'm incorect and McShay actually believes Stephen McGee of Texas A&M is a better draft prospect than Tebow, than McShay is too stupid to boil water.

Can someone explain why Dan Aykroyd has his own line of vodka? Aykroyd has't exactly been cranking out the box office hits lately, but he should have plenty of money from the successful films he did make and the House of Blues chain. Who wants to pay fifty dollars for a bottle of vodka just because Aykroyd is marketing it?

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