Wednesday, November 19, 2008

If the Longhorns had a top ten defense he'd be the next governor

Texas pulled a stunner yesterday, naming defensive coordinator Will Muschamp as its eventual replacement for Mack Brown. Muschamp's defense is currently an impressive 58th out of 119 teams. While I understand Muschamp is this year's hot assistant, I'm not sure I'd want this guy as the leader of my program. He's only been "solo" as a coordinator for this year - working under defensive head coaches like Saban and Tuberville means you run their schemes. Meanwhile, Charlie Strong's UF defense is sixth in the country and he has a recent national title as a DC. People like Brent Venables and Bud Foster are interviewing with Clemson right now, yet there's no sign of Strong getting a head coaching gig anytime soon. Seems pretty questionable to me. Can't wait to see Muschamp's bio shown hourly on the new Longhorn Sports Network.

Maybe Texas just wants to avoid a mess like what Michigan wound up with thanks to their Rich Rodriguez hire. Ann Arbor already knows there's no bowl game in their future for the first time in 33 years. Some of their fans are frustrated with the Wolverines disappointing performance. Rodriguez's response: "Get a life". Imagine if you're a laid off auto worker and you read this nonsense...

"There's a whole lot bigger problems. Look at the economy."

from the coach who your school paid a four million dollar buyout to West Virginia for after he refused to honor his contract. That should put you in a great mood. Hey Rich, if you want to play the "it's only a game" card, try coaching for less than three million bucks per year. Quit your job and take a part time coaching position with an area high school. Maybe that argument will fly then.

FSU has lost safety Darius McClure for the rest of the season due to a knee injury. There's nothing funny about that, but the fact he was injured while celebrating his first interception is amusing. Did Bill Gramatica's plight teach us nothing?

While the Tampa Bay Rays will largely bring their AL Champions back intact next season, the mascot has been bounced. The woman who'd been dressing up as "Raymond" - bascially a dancing dust mop - for the last half decade has been let go. This seems like the kind of thing people come back later and decide started a curse.

The worst team in D-1 this year will be determined in the Apple Cup, as both Washington and Washington State are winless against D-1 competition. A quote from this article sums up the Wazzu experience...

"WSU is a hard school to go to, man," defensive back Courtney Williams, dismissed because of disciplinary problems, told the Times. "You ain't got nothin' to do but get drunk and smoke weed, and not go to class because you're too tired from doing what you're doing."

That could affect this year's team perfomance, yes. Who knew Pullman, Washington was so lively?

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