Monday, November 3, 2008

Yeah, they're pretty good

That was quite a weekend for college football, as Florida destroyed Georgia and improved to number five in the BCS. You'd think getting humiliated by 39 points would be enough to force the defeated team to shut up and take their medicine, but Georgia LB Rennie Curran's a tough man to convince....

“I thought we were better team this game — just a few turnovers held us back,” Curran said.

You betcha, Rennie. Let me guess - Alabama got lucky too. Someone's spent too much time reading the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's propaganda machine (with polls like "Who will win the Heisman - Matthew Stafford, Knowshown Moreno, or will they tie?") this year.

Texas Tech's victory over Texas was pretty amazing. If you can explain what the safety was doing on that game deciding play, please let me know. Tennessee is just awful. The question's no longer if Fulmer goes, but when the announcement will be made. For Toledo's Tom Amstutz, the announcement gets made later today.

Tampa Bay got away with one yesterday, but it was ridiculous that they were ever in that position. The biggest comeback in team history should not be required to beat a one win football team being quarterbacked by Tyler Thigpen. The Jaguars are officially finished after a disastrous loss to Cincinnati - too many offensive line injuries to overcome. The idea the Jags would wind up with the worst record of the three Florida NFL teams would have seemed like crazy talk before the year, but the Dolphins are tearing it up right now. Rex Grossman led a comeback for Chicago, which was nice to see. Hopefully the media and fans won't kill the guy every time he makes a mistake, but that seems to be what they get a kick out of up there.

One thing I've always tried to keep in mind is how many people would love to have the opportunities my job gives me to be involved with big events. No one cares about any problems you have associated with it, period. So how many readers of the New York Daily News do you think were deeply moved by baseball columnist Bill Madden's complaint that the World Series press pins weren't sufficiently fancy for his liking? Cry me a river, Bill.

When I was young, I thought Halloween was great. Over the past decade, I've become progressively less fond of it for a variety of reasons. Two stories from this year's holiday made me both sad and angry. An imbecile here in South Carolina decided a good response to someone in a mask knocking on his door was to empty an AK-47 through it (as opposed to say, not opening the door). He killed a twelve year old and wounded his father and brother. Suffice to say I would be fine with this guy exiting the planet yesterday, if not sooner. Meanwhile, a woman in Michigan refused to give candy to any children whose parents are Obama supporters. Either you want to do something nice for kids on Halloween, or you don't. I don't care what your politics are, leave them out of it. What the heck's wrong with some people?

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