Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Where was Walter Hodge last night?

Florida basketball's loss to Syracuse last night was a mixed bag. They did a pretty good job attacking one of the better zone teams in the country, but given the lack of a reliable postup presence I'm not sure they'll see many zones during the season. The defense was far too soft at times, and the foul troubles that have surfaced in multiple games this year have got to stop or they're going to have some nightmarish SEC games. I do expect Florida to beat Washington tonight - a 1-1 trip to Kansas City is fine for this team at its current level of development, and a game with Kansas there would have been a virtually certain loss anyway.

Did the ACC's commissioner try and use his status as leader of the BCS as leverage to try and get Fox to bid on a package to make ACC football games weekly programming the way the SEC is on CBS? No idea if Bob Raissman's report from the New York Daily News is accurate or not, but it doesn't sound far fetched to me. Word the last couple of years had been that Fox wanted the feature games from either the SEC or Big Ten. It got neither, and now appears to have lost interest in involvement with the sport longterm. For the ACC to think a network would want to exclusively air its games when the conference teams haven't won a single BCS game this decade was pretty silly.

Tampa has had some bad luck with Super Bowls. XXV was held right after the 1991 Gulf War began, which removed much of the "party" vibe from the week. Now, with the city poised to host its fourth Super Bowl this season, parties are being cancelled left and right due to the economic collapse. These events are part of the circus around the game which have made the Super Bowl such a big deal for cities to have. Even Tampa's well known strip club industry may take a financial hit compared to what was expected.

The fallout from the economy will hit sports in lots of other ways as well. The golf and tennis tours are about to see a whole bunch of sponsorship money disappear. General Motors isn't willing to give Tiger Woods big money to pretend he likes Buicks anymore, so why would they want to sponsor multiple Buick Opens?

Things are getting progressively weirder in Knoxville, as the university president's wife has been forbidden to speak with university donors. When you need six million to pay off Fulmer, having a five million plus dollar donor's wife leaving the president's house in tears is probably not the best plan.

Some performers seem like natural fits to spend a chunk of their career headlining in Vegas. Celine Dion, David Copperfield, Cher, Bette Middler, and Barry Manilow are all current or recent regular acts there. All of them make sense. The Kids In the Hall? I got some laughs out of their show, but this sounds like a really bad idea to me.

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