Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Another edition of a bad idea

The BCS standings make their debut for the season after this week's games, but ESPN couldn't wait. No stunner that they project Florida in the top spot with Alabama right behind them, but Virginia Tech at number three would get people talking if it's still that way post-Texas and Oklahoma this weekend. The computers love Iowa right now, but the polls will hold the Hawkeyes back unless they're the only undefeated squad left.

Miami looked good on offense in winning against the Jets last night. Chad Henne is coming along nicely for being at this stage of his career. It's remarkable how many talented young QBs there are in the NFL right now. The Dolphins think they're special and should get more money from the lottery to use their trademarks than Tampa Bay or Jacksonville would get. Can't say that I agree with their line of thinking too much.

You may remember that I was hoping for Detroit to find a way to drop every game so that their losing streak of 26 (plus?) would replace Tampa Bay's for worst all time. The Lions won, but a new challenger for alltime awfulness has emerged. Check out the schedule of the St. Louis Rams. Only two or three of those eleven don't seem like sure losses, and right now St. Louis has lost 15 in a row. 0-16 and matching the alltime losing record would be pretty wild to witness. If it happens, the Rams will do it the final week of the season. Go Jaguars this week - keep St. Louis winless.

As the fallout from FSU's struggles continues in Tallahassee, one of Bobby Bowden's former players decided to open up on his ex-coach with both barrels. Roland Seymour claims Bowden badmouthed him to NFL scouts and doesn't know who some of his players are. He also believes the decision to make Jimbo Fisher head coach designate was a way to get around having to look at black coaching candidates. With alums like this speaking out, Bowden doesn't need any further bad news. He got some anyway, with tight end Caz Piurowski out for the season. That's only going to make their blocking worse.

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