Thursday, October 15, 2009

Have you heard about their blue field? It's kooky!

Boise State has no business being in the top ten. They proved it again last night, with a 28-21 escape against Tulsa on the road. That's the same Tulsa Oklahoma beat 45-0 earlier this season. Boise is a cute little story and people like them, but at some point reality has to intrude. In the AP poll they're seven spots ahead of an undefeated TCU team that BEAT THEM last year in their bowl game. If there are truly pollsters who now believe Boise is better than LSU because the Tigers lost to UF last week, they should have their heads examined. It's time for what they call a "market correction" on Wall Street - voters need to put the Broncos ahead of the teams they believe they'd beat, and behind the rest. Oregon's at 13 in one poll and 16 in the other, so somewhere between 12-15 should work. What we've been seeing the last few weeks is ridiculous.

Rush Limbaugh is now officially out as a member of the group that was one of six or seven trying to buy the St. Louis Rams. Based on what Bernie Miklasz (the St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist who knows that city's sports scene as well as anyone) has indicated, this outfit was highly unlikely to land the Rams from the beginning for reasons having nothing to do with Limbaugh. It's pretty ridiculous for Rush to say this is a conservative/liberal thing. NFL players weren't speaking out about their opposition to him being a part owner of the Rams because he's conservative, they were doing it because they believe he's a racist based on things he's said (and another supposed quote which is in dispute). My suggestion to Rush: call the Dolphins. It appears they're looking for anyone people have heard of to be a part owner. Limbaugh lives in Palm Beach, so why not? He can sit between the Williams sisters and Fergie in the owners box.

Kentucky gave Billy Gillispie 2.9 million dollars after all, despite him never having signed his contract. I assume they didn't want to deal with anything from the Gillispie era being rehashed in the media at all, because it sure seemed like they had a very solid case to demonstrate the Gillispie intentionally refused to sign his deal and thus shouldn't be entitled to the protections of it. One of the reported sticking points was over a character clause - Gillispie's DUI earlier this year emphasized again why that was necessary. Seems like UK's lawyers should have been able to do better on the settlement than meet in the middle of the two figures, but that's what they did.

Once upon a time, before Vince McMahon decided pro wrestling was supposed to primarily feature roided up freaks who looked like He-Man action figures, there was a place for characters like Captain Lou Albano. The guy who established the music and wrestling connection back in the early days of MTV died at 76 yesterday. While I hope I'm wrong, I don't think too many prominent figures from the last twenty years of McMahon's business will live to see 76. R.I.P. , Captain Lou.

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