Monday, October 26, 2009

I've seen this movie, not involving killer sharks, before

Florida's win over Mississippi State was about what I expected. When

1.your offense is already somewhat limited in its effectiveness
2. the guy on the other sideline knows all your tendencies
3. you're using different signals than usual because of him as well
4. it's a night game in a stadium filled with clanging cowbells

those things tend to lead to a less than ideal performance. One thing that does stand out to me is Tim Tebow not talking to the media. People seem to forget that Tebow has struggled before. He got to a pretty crappy start to last season, and it wasn't until late in the Arkansas game after a particularly irritating interception when he snapped out of it. I suspect you will see him do that this week in a big way. Having some defenders get healthy will help UF as well.

Lane Kiffin's arrogance and ignorance continue to make for a heady brew. Now he's singing the "officials are conspiring against me" song to explain what happened at the end of Tennessee's loss to Alabama. Kiffin foolishly chose to run the clock down and settle for a 44 yard field goal try by a kicker who'd already had one blocked and missed another short from 47. With half a minute to go Kiffin's team could have attempted to get it closer and have an easier kick, but he now claims he was worried refs would call a phantom flag on his team if they did so. Simply put, he is claiming SEC officials were looking to fix the game for Alabama and he should be hammered for it by the conference. Kiffin's also complaining about not getting a chance to rekick after a 15 yard penalty since Terrence Cody of Alabama took his helmet off to celebrate the game saving blocked field goal while the ball was still live. Unfortunately for Lane the rules don't work that way, but it's already been established pretty well that he doesn't know what they are.

The fun just keeps on coming for ESPN lately. The Steve Phillips saga has ended as it was obviously going to, with him being officially fired by the network yesterday and heading to a treatment facility for unspecified personal issues. Now the network's PR can deal with whatever fires Bob Griese started with his comment that NASCAR driver Juan Pablo Montoya was "out eating a taco" when his name came up during the Minnesota-Ohio State game. Maybe Bob can team up with Joe Buck on his show for some hilarious HBO comedy antics.

If the report that Mark McGwire will return to baseball as the new hitting coach for St. Louis is accurate, I'm puzzled. He was a beloved player there and LaRussa has defended him in the wake of the great steroid panic, so you understand why they want him. How does this help St. Louis though? Not many guys hit like McGwire did, so I'm not sure how exactly he'll be able to impart his wisdom to younger players. He was never known for being especially vocal either. This a really odd move by LaRussa.

For some reason, the concept of a channel that delivers reasonably accurate weather info every ten minutes has apparently become stale. Now they're going to show crappy movies on the network instead. I can only imagine how thrilled people trying to figure out if they can make it to work or not will be to learn that they can watch LL Cool J's epic killer sharks film Deep Blue Sea for a while and wait.

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