Friday, October 23, 2009

Better late than never

Today's post is a little later than usual because I was completely out of gas after driving back from Birmingham yesterday. Write when you're exhausted and you might wind up saying something really stupid like Creed is an excellent band. I didn't get to see all of FSU's comeback, but the part I saw while having dinner in Atlanta was impressive. Down 24-6 on the road, the easy thing to do is mentally pack it in. FSU didn't do that. They're still not very good - UNC is winless in conference play, after all - but at least they've got some pride. One thing last night will push into the national discussion a bit is that Christian Ponder has quietly been playing very well all year.

UF going against Dan Mullen will be the obvious storyline for this weekend, although the gone and not particularly lamented John Hevesy is involved as well. The defensive injuries are becoming a major issue for Florida, especially being thin at DT against an excellent back in Anthony Dixon. This will not be a fun experience for the Gators, but Mullen simply doesn't have enough horses yet to win a game against a team of this caliber. It's a pretty bland weekend overall - here's your viewing options courtesy of Awful Announcing.

Isiah Thomas is about as loathsome as anyone active in sports right now. His performance in any venue other than on the court has been disastrous, and then you throw in moments of racism, sexual harassment, using his daughter as a shield and so many more delightful memories and it all adds up to a gigantic zero. How FIU could possibly think he's an appropriate person be their basketball coach boggles the mind. Now Isiah's mad that Magic Johnson acknowledges he was one of many players who blackballed Thomas from the 92 Dream Team. Naturally, Isiah's pure as the driven snow and would NEVER have done any of those terrible things everyone in basketball has attributed to him for years. It's as if he honestly believes people don't remember all the other times he's looked them in the face and lied to them over the years. Magic's no saint, but I know whose word I'll take between those two every day of the week.

Lil Wayne is on his way to jail for felony gun posession. Betwen him and Plaxico Burress, celebrities may start to figure out that NYC's gun laws are not some sort of suggestion for them. I wonder if ESPN will ty and find a way to have him do some more appearances on their First and Ten show with Skip Bayless via satellite from his cel. It would make just about as much sense as it did putting him on in the first place. Have a good weekend and I'll see you back here Monday.

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