Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hope U2 plays "I Will Follow" tonight

No big surprises as UF-LSU week got started yesterday. Tebow's not cleared to go yet, but everyone anticipates he will be. LSU fans are already acting like jerks, which everyone anticipated they would be. Tebow's final post concussion recovery test will be to fill out an AP Top 25 ballot. If it looks anything like this one by Scott Wolf of the L.A. Daily News, he will not be allowed to play. (Ole Miss at number 7 and ahead of USC - say what?).

The snowball in Tallahassee is moving downhill faster than ever. Jim Smith, chairman of the FSU Board of Trustees, came right out and said Bobby Bowden has to go after this season. It's hard to understand what Smith could possibly have been thinking doing this now. The season isn't even halfway over and he's not calling for Bobby to step down right away, so what good could possibly come of it for FSU? Regardless, Smith spoke out and so Ann Bowden returned fire at Smith and others criticizing Bobby. If there is a time in sports history where a family member speaking out has helped a heated situation, I am unaware of it. It usually only makes things worse, and I'm fairly certain that's the case here as well. Notably silent is T.K. Wetherell, the person who enabled so much of the stupidity in Tallahassee the past few years and endorsed the Fisher as successor plan without ever getting Bobby on board with it. The next two months will be fascinating.

One less than proud moment for FSU in the past few years was the way they handled Brandon Warren's desire to transfer to Tennessee after the 2006 season. The gifted tight end wanted to be closer to his mother, who had been dealing with cancer. FSU's refusal to release him made him go to a JC for the 2007 year and have to fight to be eligible for the Vols in 2008. Turns out it probably wasn't worth the trouble, as Lane Kiffin kicked Warren off the team yesterday. For whatever reason, Warren has been a Kiffin whipping boy from the time he arrived as coach. When Warren went off on Tennessee's WR coach during the Auburn loss, that was the end. Hard to see a scenario where this makes UT better, but they're too busy continuing the ridiculous Eric Berry Heisman campaign to notice.

Tennessee will be hosting Georgia with neither team ranked in the top 25 for the first time since 1937. At least one genius in the media thinks that means it's time for UGA to fire Mark Richt. Even better that that, he wants them to hire Atlanta defensive coordinator Brian Van Gorder, a man who was a total disaster in his one year as head coach for Georgia Southern. Hopefully this guy didn't drive within four hours of writing that column.

Bulldog fans are still ticked off after the SEC acknowledged what anyone with eyes could tell immediately on Saturday: the refs blew it on the A.J. Green "celebration" call. Some UGA people believe Richt is still paying the price with officials for his stunt in Jacksonville two years ago. I doubt that, but something's got to be done about this celebration rule stupidity. It's the most inconsistently applied rule in the game. How many more moments like this late in games will be ruined by idiotic penalties in the weeks to come?

I'm taking a one day break from the blog tomorrow, as I'll be in Atlanta for the U2 concert this evening and won't be taking my computer along for the trip. Back to the usual schedule on Thursday.

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constant gina said...

They have been struggling for a while, its odd to see someone speak out against Bowden.