Friday, October 16, 2009

Should second graders be insulted?

Florida has a dangerous game this weekend, but they should be able to handle Arkansas. I don't understand the 26 point spread at all though. Presumably the offensive approach this week should look closer to the typical Gator attack than what we saw in last week's game with LSU. Ryan Mallett is a very talented QB with no mobility whatsoever, something Florida should take advantage of. South Carolina is trying to work some magic in Alabama, but just had last week's starting left guard suddenly decide to bail on football. That's probably not going to help things much. Here's your channel guide for all this weekend's games courtesy of Awful Announcing.

Cincinnati's win over USF was about what I'd anticipated, but it may have come at a significant cost. The Bearcats lost their starting QB for at least the near future, which could have a meaningful impact on their reasonably decent shot at the BCS. Brian Kelly's an excellent coach - he'll be watching the USC - Notre Dame game with great interest, because he'd love to get the gig in South Bend. I'm guessing the field there will look like British Open rough as they try to slow down USC.

FSU has the weekend off, but they're still finding ways to lose. Information contained in the documents released from their NCAA hearing included the news that some FSU athletes had a second grade reading level according to the learning specialist assigned to work with them. Think that'll come up a few times in recruiting? When the word that your fifth leading tackler is done for the season isn't even the worst news of the day, it's got to be tough to be a Noles fan right now.

The National Football Post reports that Louisville thinks Jon Gruden would be a great choice as their next football coach. They also think it would be swell if they discovered oil on campus and everyone on the team woke up with superpowers. Gruden would be a terrible fit for college coaching. He hated playing young guys in the NFL, and now that's all he'd ever get to work with? We heard for years how complex Gruden's offensive system was and that it took years to learn it - now 18 year olds will pick it right up? Aside from that silliness, if Gruden wanted a college job he would make considerably more money than Louisville could ever hope to pay from a much better program. An NFL job would pay even more than any college can, another reason why he's highly unlikely to be appearing on the NCAA level anytime soon. I bet Louisville could get John L. Smith back if they ask really nicely.

Try not to let the word that a-ha is giving up their musical career at the end of 2010 get you too down as you head into the weekend. Like Garth Brooks, they can always come back ten years from now and be just as relevant as they are today. Reel Big Fish can give you your "Take On Me" fix while you wait for the triumphant return. Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here Monday.

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knobbed porgy said...

As always your post is well written and informative. I'll be repeating that news about the FSU reading level at the tailgate tomorrow many times. I hope you can make it down here for homecoming. Travel safe.