Monday, October 5, 2009

Nick Saban's biggest accomplishment is going to be winning Les Miles a national championship

Never thought I'd see the day when the FSU beat writer for the Tallahassee Democrat called for Bobby Bowden to step down, but it happened Sunday. The Seminoles aren't just losing to mediocre teams, they're embarassing themselves as they do. Meanwhile, Bobby Bowden keeps telling anyone who'll listen that he'll leave when he's good and ready. There's a movement for fans to wear black to Saturday's game with Georgia Tech to demand a change, but if they're hoping not to have Jimbo Fisher as the successor they're out of luck thanks to the five million dollar buyout. It's getting really ugly, and if the Noles defense can look lost against an offensively challenged team like BC there's little reason to believe things are going to improve.

Watching LSU beat Georgia was fascinating. They have so many athletes that they're extremely dangerous, yet the combination of Les Miles's absurd game management and a physically gifted QB who they clearly don't fully trust yet in Jordan Jefferson keeps them from fulfilling their potential. They had four first half trips to Georgia's red zone and came away with six points! A week after escaping Miss State they likely should have lost to UGA, but got huge breaks from idiotic SEC refs calling unnecessary celebration penalties. Of the three called during the game, none should have been flagged. It was a ridiculous situation that resulted in Verne Lundquist saying after a game with two TDs in the final 69 seconds that "The play of the game was the celebration penalty." Meanwhile, Jefferson decided to talk some smack toward UF after the win over UGA. Not a smart choice by a young guy who's coming off a game where he got sacked six times and made plenty of bad decisions.

I was thrilled to see the FBI made an arrest in the Erin Andrews nude videotaping incident. Hopefully it's been a big relief for Erin, because what happened has clearly caused her a lot of stress. Astounding as it is that a hotel was willing to book the apparent perv into a room next door to Erin's, it's clear that they did. So much for all the amateur Columbos in the media and on message boards who decided that since an arrest hadn't happened yet it must be a publicity stunt of some kind. Hopefully there's a lesson in this for those people - despite the internet allowing you to know more than ever, you don't know everything about everything. Watching CSI doesn't make you a detective, so the next time something controversial happens involving a public figure feel free not to provide your ridiculous "analysis" of the crime.

It's no secret the economy has been challenging for a lot of businesses this year, but I have to admit the closing of Atlanta's ESPN Zone surprised me. Maybe the evolution of the Buckhead area reduced the number of people in the area substantially enough that it caused this. Especially during football season, you'd think they'd be doing well. It's too bad, because I've done shows for both Gainesville and Columbia from there over the years and they were always very helpful. The ESPN Zone in Denver closed a few months back - wonder how long the other nine will be around?

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