Friday, October 2, 2009

Wonder what their backup donation idea was?

Florida gets the weekend off, but this is a pretty interesting college football weekend. I'm most interested in Auburn's visit to Tennessee. The last time Gene Chizik and Lane Kiffin coached against each other was in the 2005 season's Rose Bowl for the national title. For all Lane's relentless hype, he's 2-2 while Chizik's 4-0. If Auburn walks out of Knoxville with a win, that'll make a major statement about both what Chizik's staff has done and what Lane's "accomplished". Gus Malzahn calling plays against Monte Kiffin - good stuff. LSU/UGA will be good as well - who are these teams really? LSU should have lost to Miss State and Georgia easily could and maybe should have lost every game they've played in. I've been hearing lots of crazy stuff out of Tallahassee - FSU should thrash BC this weekend, but if they falter it could begin to get really ugly over there.

Are the Jaguars taking a page out of the WWE playbook and just working any storylines they can to get some attention? As their latest local TV blackout became official yesterday, the national story was Jack Del Rio forcing David Garrard to give up his radio show on 1010XL in Jacksonville. Considering Del Rio has previously expressed his belief that anyone who covers the Jaguars ought to be a fan of the team, his grasp of the media's role in things is not too great. With their struggles at the box office, the franchise ought to be ecstatic that they're getting prime exposure for one of their players on a popular station that's not their flagship. Garrard taking a few phone calls on a Friday remote would have had nothing to do with why he'll struggle on Sunday - the Jaguars lack of receivers will. Considering Del Rio's the same meathead who brought a shotgun with him to an NFL player picket line during the 1987 strike and thought having his players hit a tree stump with axes in the middle of the locker room was a great idea, I shouldn't be surprised when he does something else stupid.

Want some proof that no matter how good things get someone will still find something to complain about? This weekend I'll be covering South Carolina State's visit to South Carolina. It's the kind of game which would unquestionably be on pay per view before this season, but instead anyone who cares can see it on ESPN Classic. Despite that, Lexington columnist John Clay calls the SEC's TV deal a bust. Production values on ESPNU aren't to his liking, which would be a great point except for the fact that without the new TV deal the games wouldn't be on at all. Clemson-TCU, a good ACC team going against the #15 team in the country, wasn't on TV anywhere last week. That's something to actually complain about, which is why the ACC would kill for the SEC's TV package even if it doesn't meet the standards of a newspaper's self appointed TV production expert. Here's this week's list of college football broadcasts from Awful Announcing.

If you have a Missouri fan in your life or just want to buy potentially the strangest auction item we'll see this year (yes, stranger than that Blake Griffin panini), boy are you in luck. The Mizzou football program has provided an item for a charity auction to benefit a children's auction: a toilet autographed by the entire 2009 football team and coaches, complete with Kansas logo in the bottom. I'd love to see the guy who buys this thing explain it to his wife. Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here Monday.

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