Thursday, July 2, 2009

Anytime I can mix in Warren Zevon, it's a good day

The Michigan student newspaper claims the Wolverines are looking at a football home and home with Georgia beginning in 2010 in Ann Arbor and then going to Athens in 2011. Because of UGA's aggressive non-SEC scheduling this is actually semi-believable as a possibility, but I doubt it. It makes all the sense in the world for Michigan to want to play a game in the south, since that's where Rich Rodriguez is trying to land almost all his players. (There are virtually no home state kids on their commitment list.) What I can't see is where the benefit for Georgia would come from. They don't recruit extensively in Michigan, unless they're figuring on a bunch of Lions fan kids wanting to go where Matthew Stafford played. Joe Cox is a fifth year senior, so unless he flops/gets injured and is replaced this year they'd be giving a QB his first start in the Big House. Though it would be a fun series, this doesn't pass the common sense test with me so I'll assume it won't be happening. Wouldn't it be great if you heard Florida was looking at a series like that and ever had reason to believe it?

The NCAA basketball tournament committee got one right. They've announced that teams records in the last twelve games of a season will not be one of the factors they weigh in the selection process. It's about time. Think about it - what does this stat show you? It's not like each team plays the same set of games, so comparisons purely on records mean little. If a team loses enough of its last twelve, it will miss the tournament because its record wasn't good enough. Otherwise, why should UF be penalized for having their toughest conference games in the second half of the schedule to make TV happy every year?

Alexis Arguello joins the recent list of big name deaths, under curious circumstances in Nicaragua. The fact he was mayor of Managua tells you this was not the typical boxer. The fact his bout with Ray Mancini was significant enough to get into the lyrics of Warren Zevon's song Boom Boom Mancini should as well. Now try and name three personalities in the sport which can captivate public attention today. It's amazing how far off the radar the sport has become. Ask around at your office today: who are the heavyweight champs right now? If anyone can come up with the law firm of Klitschko, Klitschko & Valuev, I'd be stunned. That's what putting all your sport's big events on pay per view, especially when you frequently deliver crap to those who do pay, will do.

One of the all time great SEC football names of the past twenty years is in trouble with the law. Jim Bob Cooter never saw meaningful action for Tennessee, but the walkon quarterback had the absolutely perfect name for a member of the Volunteers. Alas, after a brief run as a graduate assistant coach once his playing days were done it appears Cooter has picked up burglary as a new hobby. This sounds like one of the incidents Robert Downey, Jr. had in his out of control days rather than a property burglary. Hopefully Cooter can get himself back on track, because that's too good a name to have slide off the radar.

Since this is a three day weekend for most folks, I will take tomorrow off from the blog. I hope you'll enjoy your 4th of July. If you take time to think about the principles that make the USA great, try to square them with the sentiments being expressed in this clip. I don't care what your politics are, openly rooting for a terrorist attack in this country is insane. Glenn Beck should be ashamed to show his face in public after condoning it and apparently agreeing with his guest advocating an Osama attack as the way to "save" us. Have a good weekend and I'll see you back here Monday.

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