Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jessica picks Transformers and Tony's totally still with her

Urban Meyer now officially is on record saying he will never go to Notre Dame as head coach. After Paul Finebaum's ineffective ripjob of Meyer forced this topic back into the spotlight last week, the coach apparently felt it was as good a time as any to put it to bed. It never should have even been a question. Meyer chose the UF job over ND in 2004 because he felt it was the best place for him to win championships and recruit at a high level without having to travel all over the country. None of the other factors which brought him to Gainesville have changed - same president and AD, and even more money. If Meyer was sentimental, he would have ignored his best judgement and headed to South Bend four seasons ago. He didn't, and sentimentality would be even more so the only reason to go there now.

Ole Miss dodged an enormous bullet when Greg Hardy and Dexter McCluster were in a wreck over the weekend. Even if it takes longer than anticipated to heal from their injuries, neither player is expected to miss meaningful time. The first game expected to pose even the slightest challenge for Ole Miss isn't until September 24th at South Carolina. A story like this drives home how quickly just a couple of injuries can change things - fortunately for Houston Nutt it didn't happen this time. Next SEC football team up for a potential crisis: Kentucky, allegedly.

Tony Romo has evidently dumped Jessica Simpson. I assume the fact she was turning 29 with a Barbie themed birthday party was the final straw. Some Dallas fans are thrilled to have the perceived distraction gone, but a single guy who plays QB for the Cowboys can find a whole new slew of distractions extremely easily. For that matter, a married one can too.

I'm not a video game guy, so today's release of NCAA 2010 doesn't mean much to me. Somewhere down the line, it could mean plenty more to current collegians. Despite the ongoing legal action over the use of student-athlete images in the games, the EA sports folks have gone right ahead with it this season. Number fifteen for UF does look more than a little familiar.

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