Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Coming soon: a rebranding to

Some folks are worked up by radio host Paul Finebaum's anti-Urban Meyer tirade in yesterday's Mobile paper. Considering he now writes just one column per week and they went to special effort to hype this up on the website, I'm surprised at how poorly done it is. Finebaum's poison pen is what he built his career on, and when he's interested he's normally good at using it. This is just a rambling, disjointed mess though. Meyer is leaving for Notre Dame, says Finebaum, because: 1. he's a liar, 2. he's scared of Nick Saban, 3. Tebow's leaving, and 4. Billy Donovan's a nobody now (idiotic, not to mention irrelevant). A few brief rebuttals to this silliness: 1. Notre Dame won't be hiring any new coach this year. You or I could win 8 games with their schedule and they don't want to eat Weis's big deal with six years remaining. 2. The guy with the two BCS titles in three years, who went 12-0 at Utah and won immediately at Bowling Green, is not scared of a guy he just beat who's won two conference titles in his entire career. 3. Calling someone a name doesn't make them what you call them. Otherwise calling Mike Shula a head coach might have worked. My only guess for why Finebaum wrote this is a desire to fire up his Bama listener base. Nothing else, including the column, makes any sense.

Gary Parrish of reports Mike Krzyzewski will return as coach of Team USA in the 2012 Olympics. The 2008 gold medal team was out to prove a point about our basketball and did so. While Coach K had a role to play in guiding them there, if they hadn't cared about succeeding in the Olympics a great deal before he ever came into the picture then the team wouldn't have won. I'm not sure that same hunger will be there in three years, and if it's not then I doubt any coach will be able to guide the USA to the gold. I wonder how Duke people will feel about K dividing his time again, since a number of them felt it negatively impacted the program the first time.

I'm a big John Pelphrey fan, but something doesn't seem to be working right for him in Arkansas. Over the weekend word came down that Jason Henry isn't going to be back for his sophomore season with the Razorbacks. That's now four guys out of six from his most recent signing class who've already said so long to Fayetteville. Pelphrey's not on the hot seat yet, but if they don't improve this year the word is he could be in some trouble by the end of the season. It would be foolish for them to make a move after just three years, but you never know what can happen these days.

Not sure why Michael Jackson's memorial service needed to be on every channel yesterday, but there it was. People are going to say positive things about the deceased at their funeral, but it got a little loopy at the Staples Center. Al Sharpton actually said to Michael's kids there "wasn't nothing strange about your daddy". Sure, lots of kids have parents who make them wear masks when they go out in public and hang out with a pet chimp. Nothing odd about that at all. Magic Johnson said the best day of his life was eating Kentucky Fried Chicken with Michael. Better than the gold medal or all those championships? Wow, that must have been some good chicken.

I've mentioned before here how fascinated I am by companies getting caught up in things like logo or name changes. Pepsi spent huge money concocting a slightly different logo - did you buy any more of it? How about Gatorade - anyone notice a mad surge of G drinkers lately? We have a new standard for silliness in the broadcast division now. The Sci-Fi Channel, the name of which told you exactly what its programming was, is gone. In its place is the new, "hipper" name Syfy. Sure people who see that who aren't viewers already will have no idea what it means - big deal. Someone in marketing just got a bonus!

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