Monday, July 27, 2009

My assistant didn't write this

Greetings from Greensboro, NC. I'm here for the ACC Football Kickoff event, which is their version of SEC Media Days. This is the one thing involving football the ACC is clearly better at than the SEC. There's much better access to players and coaches, plus we're not sitting in the lobby of a hotel attached to a shopping mall. The single best thing about this year though is that when we talk with the coaches today no one will be asking them if they voted for Tim Tebow or not. The ACC doesn't even HAVE a preseason all-conference team, thank goodness.

The "Tebow not unanimous all SEC choice" story was insanely overcovered to begin with. I wish some coaches had shown the guts to say, "I probably voted for Tim, but I'm not telling you. Next time maybe I'll be the guy with an opinion you don't like." Steve Spurrier was completely sincere in his unhappiness over what happened, and I don't understand why people keep insisting this was some sort of anti-UF gamesmanship on his part. He could have just lied about his vote or even come out and argued for Snead if that was his objective. Talk that he was trying to send a purposeful message makes no sense to me. Anyway, today we get the coaches here and then I head home. Regular blog posts will resume tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

lol..the reason u get more access to ACC players & coaches @ ACC Media Days is because NO ONE CARES about ACC--they're desperate for exposure. Wake them up when it's BBal season--until then, ACC does NOTHING better than the SEC.