Thursday, July 30, 2009

Maybe a bitter Kim Kardashian will be USC's Deep Throat... wait, that sounds wrong

It appears there's another potential NCAA problem brewing for USC's football program. Unlike the Reggie Bush situation, this appears to be a pretty clear cut issue. If former NFL assistant Pete Rodriguez was in fact used as a pseudo USC assistant coach, as the L.A. Times quotes from him indicate he was, then the NCAA has to do something about it. Doesn't the dreaded phrase "lack of institutional control" have to surface at some point considering the vast assortment of alleged violations in the Trojan athletic department?

Lots of people would love to see a college football playoff, but the Washington Post brings us the story of a guy who's taken his desire for it way too far. He's been living as a homeless person in Washington DC for over three months while trying to lobby for his plan to fix the college football system. If he's not mentally ill then this guy needs a serious dose of perspective as well as an education on how the system works. TV calls the shots in college football, and this guy sleeping in Rock Creek Park for the next five years isn't going to change that. Beyond that, when you're homeless and your priority is anything other than making sure that changes ASAP, expect people to have serious questions about your thought process.

Lists are how people who talk or write about sports for a living make it through summer. Now we're supposed to be getting on with the legit stuff, as NFL camps open up and college football closes in on its start as well. For some reason, the Sporting News decided they needed to rank the fifty greatest coaches without regard to what era they worked in or which sport. In what universe can Red Auerbach rank behind Don Shula for career accomplishments? Why exactly is Pat Summitt considered a greater coach than Bob Knight or Coach K? Well, she just sort of is. Sorry, but this is silly. Some things are simply not meant to be compared.

As was incredibly predictable, Brett Favre is already beginning to lay groundwork for a possible midseason return. He told Sports Illustrated's Peter King that "if someone calls Nov. 1, who knows?" Somehow guys like Dan Marino, Troy Aikman and Steve Young were able to know. Why can't you, Brett? Hopefully poor Rachel Nichols has already escaped from Hattiesburg before ESPN gets any bright ideas about making her stay there a few more months just in case Favre shows up at the high school for practice again.

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