Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What do Mark Sanford and Phillip Fulmer have in common?

The BCS has finally grown enough of a spine to say no to the college coaches. Their ridiculous plan to remove any public accountability for their votes has now been postponed a year, and indications are if they go through with it the BCS will remove the coaches poll from its formula. There shouldn't even be a coaches poll, but if they're going to let guys with a financial stake in the outcome vote the bare minimum expectation should be for them to be willing to acknowledge their choices. If coaches deem that unacceptable, it only further illustrates why they shouldn't be voting.

Lane Kiffin says he was not the coach who failed to vote Tim Tebow for the All-SEC quarterback. I believe him, because someone didn't vote for Tebow at the end of last season despite a 30-4 TD-Int performance and his team winning the conference. That removes Kiffin, Gene Chizik and Dan Mullen. It can't be Meyer or Houston Nutt and it isn't Steve Spurrier. Of the six possible remaining candidates, I believe Bobby Petrino is the one who voted for Jevan Snead instead. We'll see if he's asked the question at Media Days here in Birmingham today and whether he'll answer if he is.

FSU's offensive line recruiting is going to be interesting this season after Aubrey Phillips teed off on their position coach Rick Trickett. The Seminoles signed him out of Mississippi, and he was allegedly a big time recruit. Now he's been released from the school without ever making it to fall practice and says the reason he's enrolling at Auburn is because Trickett was over the top abusive in his coaching. This isn't the first time an FSU OL signee has done this under Trickett, and the Noles line still hasn't shown anywhere close to the level of improvement people expected when he arrived. It was while Trickett was at West Virginia that he suddenly became known as some kind of OL genius. I thought his mid nineties Auburn work was far from remarkable, and what he's coaching now is a lot closer to that style than what he was doing in Morgantown. Three years in, there better be some clear improvement or the shine will officially be off the latest alleged savior in Tallahassee.

As we commence with Media Days today, it will be odd not to see Phillip Fulmer. The former Volunteer head man won't be here in Birmingham - he won't even be in the country. He's going to Argentina for a nine day duck hunting and fishing trip. Fulmer decked out in a camo outfit for his new hunter lifestyle is something interesting to see. After Bama boosters served legal papers on Fulmer at this event last year, it was rumored that the SEC would move the event to Atlanta to end that kind of foolishness. Yesterday, with Fulmer now gone, they annouced next year's event will still be here in Birmingham. We miss you, coach.

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