Monday, July 13, 2009

Being Meyer's agent is a sweet gig right now

How much money should Urban Meyer make? According to Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel, the answer is pretty much whatever he wants. To some extent, he's right. The three SEC jobs that came open last year were filled by a 5-19 college coach, a 5-15 "pro" coach who'd never been a full OC in college, and an Urban Meyer protege. That wasn't due to a lack of looking around on the part of the schools that hired those guys either. It's incredibly difficult to fill big time head coaching gigs at the moment, because places like Texas Tech are now spending big money and no one is looking to be the next Rich Rodriguez. Keeping a proven product in place has great value for Florida. Where I disagree to come extent with Mike is the message it would send to sign a new megadeal with Urban right now. Even though UF funding for athletics doesn't come from taxpayer money, that subtlety will be lost on most non-UF supporters. A move right now would be bad PR and would serve as a possible distraction before the season. Meyer has a great shot to win a third championship, somthing which would prompt calls to redo his deal again anyway. Have the framework for the extension and raise in place going into the year and make a splash by announcing it soon after the season wraps up.

All indications are that we can expect the next twist in the Brett Favre saga to take place soon. Everyone's been asuming for weeks that he will return, but Favre aparently still isn't sure. Minnesota has a bunch of young skill position talent which could have benefited quite a bit from the guidance of a player like Favre this offseason. Can the chemistry they lack in the locker room be made up for over just a few weeks? Seems quite unlikely to me, but hopefully they get on with it before training camp actually begins.

It's no secret lots of athletes have children out of wedlock. A decent number of them are fathers prior to even reaching college, and once they reach the pros and really become a target for groupies it only gets worse. It's not too hard to avoid conceiving a child if you put even a scintilla of thought into doing so, but anyone can make a mistake or two. What blows my mind are guys like Antonio Cromartie of the San Diego Chargers. The former FSU star has seven kids under the age of five spread out among five different states. How can anyone's judgement be bad enough to allow that to happen? The article notes that five paternity suits may have affected his performance on the field last season. Gee, you think? All the rookie seminars in the world can't save some of these guys from themselves. Ask former Dolphin Cecil Collins if you don't believe me.

Steve McNair was laid to rest over the weekend, although the fallout from the soap opera circumstance of his death is not yet over. While reading some of the stories about his funeral, I came across one from Nashville featuring fans complaining that McNair was in a closed casket. The guy was shot four times, including twice in the head at close range, and some idiots wanted an open casket?

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