Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Now playing in Columbia: Bulworth 2

Kentucky basketball may be about to pick up two more players, including the supposed third best prospect in the country. Xavier Henry's already been let out of his letter of intent at Memphis but was supposedly going to Kansas. Since he can't sign a second letter of intent, only his word keeps him bound to the Jayhawks right now. I don't see how John Calipari is going to blend all these guys together when each of them wants to be the man and none of them are planning on playing more than a year of college basketball. UK might be the most talented collection of players in the country, but I doubt they'll be much of a team.

Last night was the final new episode of Fox Sports Net's Best Damn Sports Show Period. I assumed having me on the show seven years ago was a sign they were circling the drain, but somehow it just kept going for around a decade. Never have so many ex-jocks feigned so much amusement about so little genuinely funny material as they did on that program. A free wheeling "Tonight show" styled program for sports fans is a pretty good concept, but no one's had the right set of talent to do it. Tom Arnold definitely wasn't the guy.

Jeff Pearlman keeps a blog on his website in addition to the info that's there about his books. Yesterday, out of nowhere, he featured a terrific Youtube find for those of us who are Tampa Bay Bucs fans. It's a clip of a post game interview with both Ricky Bell and Doug Williams on the field after Tampa Bay improved to 6-2 in the amazing 1979 season by defeating Green Bay. There are so many things that stand out - rookie analyst John Madden talks about running into Williams at the airport, the Tampa Bay marching band stands ready to play behind the guys, and the interview is almost six minutes long (which would never happen on a network today with any player). I was six when that happened, so it was a cool time capsule moment.

The situation here in South Carolina with the governor is getting weirder with each passing day. Mark Sanford keeps revealing more details about his liaisons with his mistress and then inexplicably brought up episodes with other women yesterday. Hopefully you'll never find yourself in the position this guy is, but should you ever stray from your marriage here are a couple of helpful hints. It's probably a bad idea to refer to the other woman as your soulmate repeatedly while calling the episode "a love story". It's even worse to then mention you're "trying to fall back in love" with your wife. When you're in a hole, stop digging!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the interview. Funny how today athletes aren't interviewed for more than 5 seconds - let alone 5 minutes. And I like the shot of the Tampa "skyline" at the end. A lot has changed in the world of broadcasting. Good stuff.