Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I've got October 18th at 7:30 in the pool for next Favre comeback story

As much as I'd love to believe that yesterday is the last we'll hear of Brett Favre making an NFL comeback, I'm not buying it. By telling the Vikings no, Favre gives himself more time to heal and gets to skip training camp and preseason games. If Sage Rosenfels and/or Tarvaris Jackson aren't getting the job done in week five, do you think Favre would hesitate to float his name out there again? I sure don't. Someone good will have a starting QB go down with an injury this season - let's say Drew Brees breaks his collarbone. Favre's name will be mentioned immediately as a possible savior. Favre's like a horror movie villain - his career will have to be killed at least six times before it's really dead. As for the Vikings, Jeff George is waiting by the phone.

There's apparently a controversy in Auburn over a new tailgating plan. The company involved will set up your tailgate for you, from arranging chairs up to having the food catered. All the tailgating group has to do is show up and they're ready to go. What's the fun of that? The whole thing that makes tailgating fun is the ingenuity people show in their setups. Having it pre-arranged for you like a wedding reception removes all the spontaneity and fun of the activity.

A quirk in the new BCS agreement revealed yesterday could give the Rose Bowl the kind of matchup they could normally only dream about. Nightmares are dreams, after all. Beginning next season, if either a Big Ten or Pac-10 team makes the BCS title game, the Rose Bowl has to select the non-BCS opponent if one qualified. Instead of Illinois replacing Ohio State the way they did a couple of years ago to keep the Big Ten involved, the same scenario now would have meant saying aloha to Hawaii-USC in the Rose Bowl. I'm sure they can't wait for Boise State or BYU to show up in Pasadena.

After the Bush-Kardashian breakup took the Tony Romo-Jessica Simpson split down as the most recent sports gossip story yesterday, Romo rallied on Tuesday. Reports claim he dumped and ditched Simpson in the parking lot of an IHOP somewhere in Texas while in the middle of a long drive. Also, he supposedly had only stayed with her because she had bought him a powerboat that cost 100 grand for his birthday. Somehow I'm not shocked he enjoyed motorboating with Jessica. Romo has always seemed like a happy go lucky kind of guy - maybe he's becoming more of the steely assassin Cowboys fans have wanted him to be.

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