Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Blame Putin for no Monday blog

Apologies for the lack of new material yesterday. You are reading the first post written on my new laptop. That's because some Russian virus has infiltrated my old one, rendering it unusable until I've had time to get it repaired. It was a Compaq and frankly it was a buggy piece of junk anyway, so I bought a new one to get up and running again. I'm still busy getting all my bookmarks and so on back in place, so it'll be a shorter than usual edition today.

My latest article at fightingators.com is on Marreese Speights and why he hasn't gone ahead and signed with a agent to make staying in the draft official.

Chris Simms feels he's being held hostage in Tampa Bay. This just in, Chris - when you're a hostage, they don't PAY YOU! Talk to Jake Plummer if you want to see what being "held hostage" by Tampa Bay really feels like.

Simms has never been a particularly good quarterback on the college or pro levels, but when I covered the Bucs on a regular basis in 2004 he seemed like a nice guy. He's completely oblivious to the real world, though. After he was drafted, Simms said the odds "have always been against me". Simms was raised in a wealthy family, mentored by a Super Bowl winning QB father, touted as the top recruit in the country, and promised the Texas starting job without earning it. Imagine overcoming obstacles like that - it's practically a Disney movie waiting to happen.

While I'd love to believe the Celtics will win game three this evening, it's impossible to forget that this group managed to go seven with the Atlanta Hawks. they only need one in L.A. and this thing is over. My guess is if that happens, it will turn out to be game four. Meanwhile, Hef and his "girlfriends" will be at Staples tonight.

The media who cover Florida have always been among the most talented groups of college beat writers in the country. This year has seen that point driven home in a big way. First Andy Staples left the Tampa Tribune for SI.com, then Lindsay Jones left the Palm Beach Post for the Denver Post as a Broncos beat reporter last month. Now, the Orlando Sentinel's Dave Curtis is headed to the Sporting News as a national college football reporter. All of them are are hard workers and great people - their replacements will have big shoes to fill.

Speaking of the Sporting News, they're about to relaunch their product in a major way. This new daily product is an interesting idea, and I assume is where the majority of Dave's work is going to be focused. I look forward to checking it out.

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