Friday, June 13, 2008

RIP Tim Russert

The death of NBC's Tim Russert sends us in to the weekend on a really terrible note. He was as good as it gets in the field of political journalism, and he will be sorely missed this fall.

Remember when Doneal Mack's coach decided to attack Billy Donovan after Florida didn't admit Mack because the school had doubts about his test score? Doesn't appear like they missed out on much, as he's transferring from Memphis.

This hapened a couple of weeks ago and attracted no attention when it came out, presumably because it happened in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Tom Izzo flat out says that coaches are cheating more as a result of the one year out of high school requirement for kids to enter the NBA. Interesting, but if he feels that way he needs to name some names.

Father's Day is Sunday. If you're looking for the ideal last minute gift, how about having Greg Lloyd show up to watch the Pittsburgh/Cleveland game with dad in September? For ten grand, it's a steal! The best part of this is the description of Lloyd's plan to bring friends, potentially eat your food, and leave whenever he feels like after the game.

Can anyone explain why Hollywood thinks we're waiting for this?

Things are a little wild for my schedule right now. As soon as my Columbia show wraps up at 7, I drive back to Gainesville. Tomorrow it's on to Clearwater for my brother's wedding, as well as loading a moving truck and driving it back Sunday. Next week is insane as well. Hope your weekend proves to be a good one.

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