Monday, June 23, 2008

Jet Blow

Hope you had a good weekend. I'm writing this while sitting in McCarran Airport in Las Vegas. I'm supposed to have been flying on Jet Blue an hour and a half ago, but we're delayed and there's no end in sight. As a result, I'm going to miss my connection in New York and be stuck at JFK until late afternoon. Not the best way to start the week.

One of the true comedic originals is gone. RIP George Carlin. Now everyone in comedy wants a sitcom or a movie deal, but this guy was all about standup. His skits with language will still be relevant long after Dane Cook is dead and buried.

Fresno State's run in the College World Series is a great story. The ACC, meanwhile, still can't get a championship despite having three teams in the CWS. No one from the conference has won it since 1955 - that's amazing when you consider how strong historically programs like FSU, UNC and Clemson have been.

Curt Schilling looks like he's done. The question of Hall of Fame worthiness will take a while to sort out, unless you're a Boston fan like this guy. It's going to be fascinating to see how much Cooperstown leeway is given to pitchers who spent the majority of their time in the juiced era and aren't believed to have been users themselves. Personally, my gut feeling is that Schilling is not a hall of famer but I wouldn't say there's no chance he makes it.

Most of the movies this year look absolutely awful, but at least people had the good sense to reject The Love Guru. Jessica Alba as the owner of the Toronto Maple Leafs? Mini Me as their coach? What?

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